Solving marketers’ most significant data & technology challenges using a single source of truth.

Data Hygiene & Resolution

Correct, and de-duplicate customer and prospect data. Resolve identity across offline and online signal.

Enrichment & Segmentation

Augment customer records with high-quality data and build powerful audiences

Onboarding & Activation

Syndicate audiences at scale everywhere across offline and online channels

Data Science & Modeling

Build custom models and continually optimize performance using data science

Unified Identity Delivers Measurable Results


Reduction of duplicate CRM records


Increase in audience reach across all media


Lift in conversions with higher audience performance

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This is the future of Identity for data-savvy marketers

Find out how you can eliminate silos and point solutions with Unified Identity. Unify your fragmented data, your technology, and your internal processes to meet today's customer expectations.

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Unified Identity: How to Go From Chaos to Confidence

In this on-demand, eMarketer-moderated Tech Talk webinar, find out the impact data chaos is having on brand marketing and how true, unified identity helps drive better outcomes.

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How Does 'The Great Reshuffling' Affect Your Customer Data Management?

For large retailers trying to reconcile online and offline channels, and for CPG brands trying to develop first-party data for the first time, the key to success is to use a coherent identity framework to tie all the pieces together.

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Drive Marketing Impact in a Post-Cookie World

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