Privacy Choices

Neustar uses personal information to support data-driven decision-making and deliver personalized content without sacrificing privacy. We are committed to promoting best practices around the use and protection of consumer information and we work with our advertisers to aggregate anonymous activities to provide more targeted online advertising for you.

If you wish to opt-out from the use of personal information about you for Neustar marketing services, please go to the Neustar data opt-out portal.

If you have any problems with the data opt-out portal please contact

In Addition, you have the ability to opt-out of receiving anonymous advertising through our Aggregate Knowledge and AdAdvisor services. Because we do not associate Aggregate Knowledge and AdAdvisor data with you personally, we cannot process an opt-out request directly. Select the opt-out(s) that is right for you.

AK Platform Opt-Out

Aggregate Knowledge works with our advertisers to aggregate anonymous activities and provide more targeted online advertising for you. We provide you with the ability to opt-out of this process in three ways.

Opt-Out Now

Neustar AdAdvisor Opt-Out

The Neustar AdAdvisor® opt-out works by replacing the content within the existing AdAdvisor cookie with new content that clearly indicates that you have elected to opt-out of the use of AdAdvisor information for ad targeting. Opting out here does not mean you will not see any advertising online. Rather, it means that the advertising and perhaps the content you see will not be as relevant or tailored to your interests.

Opt-Out Now


Please note: Our opt-outs will only opt you out of the use of your data in Neustar Marketing Services and the use of AK and AdAdvisor cookies. It will not opt you out of all tailored advertising or advertising in general. If you “clear” or delete your cookies, you will delete our opt-out cookies and should renew your opt-out choices.

You may learn more about, and opt out of receiving, interest-based advertising (also called “online behavioral advertising”) from other companies through the websites of the industry organizations listed below (which we are also a member of or participate in):

  • Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) –
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) –