Mitigate Compliance Risk When Connecting with Customers

Beyond mitigating compliance risks for telecommunications regulations (e.g., TCPA, CFPB’s Regulation F), we provide businesses with the most up-to-date customer information to ensure accurate and efficient outreach that improves their bottom lines.

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Mitigate TCPA Risk

Neustar provides unique consumer data intelligence to help some of the largest companies in the U.S. mitigate dialing compliance risk and drive outbound dialing efficiencies. Connecting the best data available helps identify whom to call, avoid compliance problems, and communicate efficiently.

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Make Every Contact Count Under the CFPB’s Regulation F

Collectors that fail to adapt their outbound communications strategy to Regulation F’s seven-in-seven rule risk collapsing profit margins and provoking regulatory fines. Successful collections communications adopt a quality-over-quantity approach, targeting each consumer via the channel, time of day, day of week, and email or phone number they prefer.

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Contact Compliance Risk

Reduce compliance risk while quickly identifying and prioritizing the right telephone numbers for a given consumer.

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Phone Behavior Intelligence

Gain insights on the most contactable consumers, best time of day and day of week to contact each consumer, and the phone number that each consumer is most likely to answer.

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TRACED Act Expands Reach and Impact of TCPA

Outbound dialing organizations that continue to rely on incomplete or publicly available data for their TCPA-compliance posture assumed significantly more risk with the enforcement of the TRACED Act.

Improve TCPA Compliance

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Don’t Wait for the TCPA to Change; Do This Instead

Take control over a major challenge of TCPA compliance: the decay of your CRM data. Mitigate non-compliance risk when connecting with customers and increase your organization’s operational efficiency.

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