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Enable Trusted Communications Between Companies and Consumers

One of the biggest challenges in our connected world is being able to trust the identity of who or what is trying to communicate and the information being shared – whether connecting through a phone call, text or online. And as concerns about privacy and safety have increased with the rise in robocalling, caller fraud, DDoS attacks and more, people hesitate to engage and businesses struggle to protect their brand reputation.

As the trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and the leader in authoritative identity, Neustar has brought together communication industry leaders including regulators and industry groups, technology companies, service providers, big brands and enterprises to collaborate on enabling secure and relevant connections.

Here are some of our current initiatives in the Neustar Trust Lab to develop and test trusted identity standards and solutions:

  • ATIS Robocalling Testbed: The industry interoperability test facility exclusively hosted by Neustar to validate the effectiveness of caller authentication standards and solutions that combat illegitimate call spoofing
  • Certified Communications: Development and testing of industry standards and solutions for verified identification and certified communications over different devices and networks
  • Customer Calling: Advancement of techniques and tools to enhance inbound and outbound customer call experiences

Join a Neustar Trust Lab Initiative and:

  • Be a leader in raising awareness and developing solutions for trusted connections
  • Help shape industry standards and regulations
  • Learn from experts in certified communications and authentication standards
  • Participate in a fast-paced prototyping and delivery test environment
  • Verify implementations of industry standards
  • Help uncover and address interoperability challenges
  • Discover new partnership and revenue opportunities
  • Enhance product and service offerings with a unique differentiator

If you have any questions about the Neustar Trust Lab, please contact trustlab@team.neustar.