Join a Neustar Trust Lab initiative.

Concerns about privacy and safety have increased with the rise in robocalling, caller fraud, DDoS attacks and more, customers hesitate to engage by phone, and businesses struggle to protect their brand reputation.

Neustar’s Trust Lab serves as the industry’s virtual testbed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), equipment manufacturers, software suppliers, regulators and industry standards bodies across the globe to remotely test call authentication solutions like STIR/SHAKEN.

Trust Lab benefits.

Participating in the Trust Lab will enable you to join your colleagues in testing STIR/SHAKEN and Neustar Trusted Call Solutions in the lab. You'll also be able to:

  • Be a leader in raising awareness and developing solutions for trusted connections
  • Help shape industry standards and regulations
  • Participate in a fast-paced prototyping and delivery test environment
  • Verify implementations of industry standards
  • Discover new partnership and revenue opportunities
  • Enhance product and service offerings with a unique differentiator

Want to test STIR/SHAKEN solutions in the Trust Lab?

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If you have any questions about the Neustar Trust Lab, please contact trustlab@neustar.biz.