Product Features

Authoritative Data
Access Neustar’s broad range of reliable proven data to accurately identify, flag and classify risk of a phone number and calculate a fraud score.

Advanced Fraud Detection
Leverage behavior analysis and tracking of abnormal and unexpected calling patterns to detect high volume robocalling, spoofing and suspicious call activity.

Real Time Alerts
Receive notifications about telephone numbers originating suspected illegal robocalls, including from unassigned, inactive and do-not-originate TNs.

Global Block and Warn
Define policies to block calls across the network or display notifications, e.g. ‘Robo-Caller’, to protect subscribers and improve the call experience.

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Branded Call Display (BCD) Wins Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2022!

We're excited to announce our Platinum Award for “Best Robocall Mitigation Solution” in the Security & Fraud Innovation category by Juniper Research.


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