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Close to 88 percent of business calls to consumers go unanswered. Hidden among the scams and fraud are legitimate calls that are not getting through – like information about school closures, or doctor’s appointments and test results. Consumers and enterprises still view the phone as the most important channel, but they don’t trust it.

More than Just a Pretty Face

Branded Call Display (BCD) lets you reassure customers it’s you calling by displaying your full name, business location, logos, e-business cards, social media links, reason for the call, and more, on the mobile display. At the same time, Neustar provides the STIR/SHAKEN component that verifies that the number, and the data, have not been spoofed.

Our research shows that early adopters using branded phone call technology to tell their customers who’s calling have improved answer rates on first-call attempts by over 56%.

Product Benefits

Deliver a personalized call experience.
Providing a branded experience demonstrates a modern, digital approach, enhances customer relationships, and restores trust.

Increase answer rates.
Customers, prospects, and partners who know it’s you calling are much more likely to pick up the phone.

Reduce costs.
Reduce missed appointments and service calls by providing relevant company information, even for employees who bring and use their own devices.

Protect your brand.
Maintain complete control over how your brand is presented, with the added assurance for the consumer that the call has not been spoofed.

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