The STIR/SHAKEN Deadline Has Past – So, Now What?


The most notable FCC deadline (June 30, 2021) was when Communications Service Providers (CSPs) were asked to implement STIR/SHAKEN). As in any initiative, it’s a good idea to take inventory of what’s working and what’s not.


Some industry naysayers are wondering if, after all the effort invested, STIR/SHAKEN is really helping to reduce robocalls. That answer is, “Yes, but we’re not done yet.” While STIR/SHAKEN demonstrated its ability to prevent call spoofing and fraud, it’s not effective in certain key use cases that make it difficult for service providers to differentiate between legitimate calls and spoofed calls, so those calls can inadvertently get through.

The policy makers and standards bodies have been busy creating new mandates for areas that have been identified as the source of those robocalls that do slip through, and created new technical standards to stop them. In addition, the FCC and State’s Attorney Generals have used STIR/SHAKEN to identify and prosecute bad actors through stepped up enforcement against robocallers and the carriers that abet them.

Neustar Fellow and VP, Jon Peterson, talked about STIR/SHAKEN at ITW 2022, and how it’s really at an inflection point right now. Deployed in the US and Canada, and with interest internationally, it is making a dent in robocalls. To close the gap, however, Jon believes we must address one of the root causes - the lack of security in signaling and how there’s currently no reliable way to be certain that that signaling came from the party you believe is making the call and what can be done about it. We put together a series of videos of Jon speaking at ITW, scroll down to view them all.


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Interoperability, Standards, and Testing: Three Keys to Global Call Authentication Implementation

Anthony Cresti, Senior Business Development Director

Implementation of global all authentication standards to combat robocalls requires collaboration between regulators, standards bodies, network operators and equipment manufacturers.

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STIR/SHAKEN Is a Trust Signal, Not a Panacea

By Lance Hood, Senior Product Management Director, Risk

In addition to spoofed robocall scammers, STIR/SHAKEN also addresses fraudsters who use call spoofing to attack call centers. However, call centers must still contend with additional types of fraud that hinge on the identity of the caller and decide how much rigor to apply when authenticating callers.

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STIR/SHAKEN Best Practice: How to Evaluate STIR/SHAKEN Attestations

By Lance Hood, Senior Product Management Director, Risk

Attestations serve as an important input to existing call analytics tools and incremental benefits, but they do not equate to a risk assessment of the person involved in the call. Inbound contact centers require more signals and analysis to determine caller treatment.

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STIR/SHAKEN: The Role of Attestation in Authentication

By Lance Hood, Senior Product Management Director, Risk

STIR/SHAKEN provides inbound contact centers with an additional data element to establish trust in callers: the phone number’s attestation level. Attestations provide a helpful signal for identifying good callers and determining treatment logic, but they do not substitute for an inbound caller authentication solution.

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STIR/SHAKEN and Inbound Authentication: Better Together

By Lance Hood, Senior Product Management Director, Risk

As STIR/SHAKEN improves detection of spoofed calls, fraudsters attacking inbound call centers will likely adopt other phone fraud tactics that do not rely on call spoofing. Learn how STIR/SHAKEN complements inbound caller authentication solutions that must assess all phone fraud threat vectors.

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STIR/SHAKEN International Story Still Being Written

By Jonjie Sena, Vice President, Product Marketing

Get a recap of the SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Virtual Summit session to learn what our Jon Peterson, and other experts, think about international call authentication, and the risk of billions of international calls receiving unfavorable treatment until action is taken.

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Branded Calling Customers See Benefits Beyond Answer Rates

By Jonjie Sena, Vice President, Product Marketing

At the SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Virtual Summit, our Jonjie Sena and MaryBeth DeGeorgis chatted with Shaan Katyal, First Orion, and representatives from BCD customers, Medtronic and VA DOH about branded calling. In addition to increased answer rates, branded calling helps extend call duration, improve conversions and retention – and even improve NPS scores.

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