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We’re all aware that there’s a critical need to take immediate action against robocalls and call spoofing, which are threatening so many aspects of our everyday lives. In our ongoing work with regulatory and government agencies, and customers, we came to see that there’s a void when it comes to up-to-date, reliable information about the latest regulations and standards, like STIR/SHAKEN, and how they impact both Voice Service Providers (VSPs), and enterprises, especially given frequent updates and changes.


So, we revamped this site to bring you the latest news and perspectives on what’s going on in the industry, as well as resources and solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements, empower enterprises, and protect consumers.

While the June 2021 deadline for STIR/SHAKEN call authentication remains firm, the FCC’s Second Report and Order includes important news about extensions in specific instances, and the need for all carriers to implement robocall mitigation solutions, regardless of size. If you haven’t read the North American Numbering Council’s (NANC) Call Authentication Trust Anchor (CATA) Working Group’s Best Practices on Call Authentication, it provides helpful interpretations and tips on implementation.

We’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to call spoofing and fraud – we must work together to keep the bad actors out of our phone system, so we can restore trust to a vital communications channel.

We hope these resources help you, and that you keep coming back for that latest news.


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Already a Scourge, Robocalls and Text Become Political Weapons

Barton Pesavento, Director Product Marketing

The root of the robocall problem must be addressed, and that means calls need to be authenticated at the point of origination, using STIR/SHAKEN. Carriers, regulators and enforcement groups will need to continue to collaborate to ensure progress continues.

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FCC Steps Up Efforts to Protect Consumers: Expands STIR/SHAKEN

Barton Pesavento, Director Product Marketing

By requiring robocall mitigation programs be implemented by providers that have received an extension for deployment of STIR/SHAKEN, VSPs should begin deployment now to demonstrate their commitment to combatting robocalls.

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Integration with Google’s Verified Calls Signals New Era of Trusted Calling

Jonjie Sena, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Providing a personalized, branded experience by adding logos, targeted messaging, and more – backed by an assurance that the call has been authenticated – gives customers, prospects, and partners a reason to answer the phone.

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Academics Test Innovative Approaches to Combat Malicious Robocalls

Barton Pesavento, Director Product Marketing

The fact that solutions that address robocalling are now being investigated by top notch universities represents just how big a problem it is for everyone in the telecom ecosystem.

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Our solutions help you optimize outbound call operations, increase contact rates, improve the customer experience, and protect your brand reputation.

Branded Call Display
Give customers a reason to answer by adding full name, business location, logos, e-business cards, social media links, and more, to the mobile display. We’ll add the STIR/SHAKEN component that verifies that the number, and the data, have not been spoofed.

Caller Name Optimization
Manage your Caller ID for outbound calls through a centralized online portal to protect verified phone numbers from call blocking and spam tagging and stop spoofers from being able to use your caller identity.

Certified Caller
Integrate STIR/SHAKEN technology in your enterprise calling network to digitally authenticate your outbound calls and ensure they are trusted by voice serviced providers and consumers.

Vetting Services
Verify, monitor, and update your caller identity across the entire calling ecosystem so you’ll always be recognized as a legitimate call originator for the numbers from which you call.


Voice Service Providers (VSPs)

Explore our solutions that help you meet regulatory requirements, implement STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, empower enterprises, and protect consumers.

Caller Name Services
Get quick access to the most reliable and extensive database across the call ecosystem for caller name and numbers (CNAM) queries.

Certificate Manager
Get standards-compliant digital certificates from a nationally approved Certification Authority (STI-CA) to sign calls through STIR/SHAKEN protocols.

Certified Caller
Quickly and easily deploy all components of STIR/SHAKEN to be fully compliant and up to date with the latest developments in call authentication.

Get a clear and accurate view of your entire TN inventory and a way to maintain accuracy to empower a foundation of truth for each telephone number accessed through STIR/SHAKEN.

Robocall Mitigation
Use advanced analytics and near real-time insights to correctly identify illegal robocalls and other call fraud so you can take the right action in tagging or blocking calls.

Vetting Services
Verify the entity, business purpose, intent of calls, and ownership of telephone numbers to accurately identify legitimate call originators for enterprises that may not be known to you.

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