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The Need for Comprehensive, Near Real-Time, Threat Insight

The complexity of digital security today makes the ability to identify threats and prevent attacks before they happen more difficult than ever – but the stakes are also higher than ever. The loss from a typical data breach averages $4 million, while more serious “mega breaches” can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. In this environment, it’s critically urgent to find effective ways to detect, identify and defend against attacks.

Given how quickly attackers are shifting their strategies and attack vectors, comprehensive security coverage at every layer in the stack is essential. You need focused threat detection data that helps identify evolving threats, as well as broader data that supports programmatic analysis to expose deeper threats, and the bad guys, before they do damage. Your threat data must be current and actionable, and informed by a unique perspective on Internet activity to help your team quickly identify and stop threats before your organization becomes the next victim.

Neustar’s UltraThreat Feeds provide the near real-time threat data you need to detect emerging threats and help identify and stop bad traffic, both inbound and outbound. Read More

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Why Neustar UltraThreat Feeds?

Neustar’s Unique DNS Data Insights

Unlike competitors whose threat feeds are derived from passive DNS data they collect from 3rd party providers or a network of sensors, Neustar leverages its own DNS data exhaust collected from over 30 globally distributed nodes and over 100 billion look ups per day. This, combined with behavioral analysis and pattern-based research, enables us to derive refined contextual insights into malicious activity.

A Powerful Global Perspective

With data and insights gained from our own globally distributed authoritative and recursive DNS network, Neustar OneID and IP Intelligence geolocation and IP risk data, we’re able to provide a proprietary view of global threats to support threat detection and help identify and stop bad traffic to mitigate risks. This is threat data no other vendor in the industry can offer.

Meets Strict “Privacy by Design” Standards

Neustar’s data acquisition and storage methodologies ensure protection of Personal Information (PI) and comply with global privacy standards including the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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