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Neustar's IP GeoPoint database is the authoritative source of IP decisioning data on 99.99% of routable IP addresses worldwide.

With Neustar's proprietary global data collection network which is curated by a team of Network Geography Analysts (NGAs), if a decision is made to deliver OTT/digital media to a user, block access to a site or content, or tag an IP address with a history of fraud or risk, you can be sure that decision will be made using the most accurate IP geolocation, IP ownership and IP routing data available in the market.

Dedicated Professional Service to Help You Maximize Results

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers assist with the implementation of your IP GeoPoint data, keep you posted on product upgrades and answer all your account related questions. And you can count on our Professional Services Experts for in-depth technical support on a pre- and post-sale basis. They'll help you integrate IP GeoPoint data into your applications and derive analytics-based insights to improve your operations.

IP GeoPoint Data Packages

Our IP GeoPoint data packages have been created to make it easy for you to select the foundational location decisioning data you need - while giving you an easy way to add insight as your data needs change. With over 40 data fields, and global insight into both IPv4 and IPv6* addresses, look no further than Neustar IP GeoPoint data to support your threat intelligence, cybersecurity, content distribution, fraud prevention, geo-fencing and customer experience applications.

Location Packages

Select one of two data packages:

Location Basics. This package provides you with basic, yet powerful, decisioning data at the county level. In addition, we provide you with a unique "confidence factor" that reflects a relative measure of certainty that the user is in the location identified in the country field. The possible values range from 0 (null) to 99. The higher the value, the greater the likelihood that the user is in the assigned country.

Location Advanced. The Location Advanced data package provides you with country level data fields included in the Location Basics package, plus sState (with State Confidence Factor), Postal Code (with Postal Code Confidence Factor), Lat/Lon, Time Zone, Line Speed and Routing Type. We also include DMA and MSA data for the most comprehensive location data available.

Location Basics

  • Continent
  • Country
  • Country Code
  • Country Confidence Factor

Location Advanced

  • Continent
  • Country
  • Country Code
  • Country Confidence Factor
  • Region
  • State
  • State Code
  • State Confidence Factor
  • City
  • City CF
  • Postal Code
  • Postal Code Confidence Factor
  • Lat, Lon
  • Time Zone/Area Code
  • GeoNames ID
  • Connection Type
  • Line Speed
  • IP Routing Type

Details Packages

Select one or both:

Proxy Details. Knowing how a device is attempting to access your website or corporate resources, and if it is using a risky internet connection, is critical to the success of your business. If the device is connecting via an anonymous proxy, you may want to flag the IP address or block access outright. The Proxy Details package provides you with the rich connection data you need to protect your business including Hosting Facility, Anonymizer and Proxy details (Proxy Last Detected, Proxy Type, Proxy Level) and IP Routing Type.

Org Details. Understanding what organization is behind an IP address can be critical to your success from both a security and marketing perspective. With the decisioning data fields included in the Org Details package, you can parse incoming IP traffic not only by location but also by domain so that you can ensure your message or offer gets to the correct customer. With this data you can ensure an offer developed for a specific organization (e.g. university) is delivered to the students at that university. Conversely, you can block specific organizations or type of organization from accessing your sensitive data or proprietary resources.

Proxy Details

  • Anonymizer Status
  • Proxy Last Detected
  • Proxy Type
  • Proxy Level
  • Hosting Facility
  • IP Routing Type

Org Details

  • Autonomous System Number (ASN)
  • Second Level Domain (SLD)
  • Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • Registering Organization
  • Carrier
  • Home Indicator
  • Organization Type


What is IPv6?

Version 6 of the IP address specification (IPv6) was first proposed as a draft in 1994 and published in 1995. The draft was accepted as a standard in 1998.

IPv4 vs IPv6

The IPv6 address space is huge, with 340 undecillion addresses. This is roughly 10 billion times larger than the IPv4 address space, which itself has over 4 billion IP addresses. The reason the comparison is important is that while it is possible to pull information about every IPv4 address on a daily basis, it is not possible to do this for the allocated IPv6 address space. It is simply too large. This creates a set of decisioning data challenges for IPv6 geolocation that do not exist for IPv4.

To address this issue, Neustar utilizes additional sources of data that result from our probing the Internet. This data, when ingested into our patented machine learning system, is evaluated by a set of rules that compares and weighs data that correlates, producing a single city, state, country answer.

Does Neustar IP Intelligence provide IPv6 geolocation?

Yes, Neustar began collecting IPv6 address allocation information in 2015 and released our first beta IPv6 data to customers in 2017. We currently have coverage of over 99% of the allocated IPv6 address space and are shipping high quality production data to all subscribed customers.

How can I get IPv6 geolocation data?

IPv6 data is provided at no additional charge as part of an IP GeoPoint subscription and is accessible via API, private server or additional data file.

Consult your Neustar sales representative for more information on IPv6.

Custom IP GeoPoint

Neustar Custom IP GeoPoint enriches IP address intelligence data beyond the capabilities of standard IP-geolocation decisioning data used in threat intelligence, streaming media distribution, fraud prevention and digital marketing platforms.

Neustar's data scientists and implementation experts work with you to conduct an analysis of your current environment, understand your goals and objectives and then to optimize the Custom IP GeoPoint data set to ensure it meets your needs. A robust configuration engine allows you to tailor your geolocation data and to input your own traffic and transactional data in order to fine tune your IP data to meet your specific needs.

Custom IP GeoPoint offers:

  • Custom IP address-geolocation based feeds based on your various needs which may include:
    • Identifying the IP addresses most likely to be associated to client household for Over the Top (OTT) content protection enforcement
    • Noting patterns of Internet usage by clients to identify fraud
    • Combining Neustar's IP data with OneID data to dive deeper into preventing Registration Fraud or Account Takeover activities
  • Advanced location and data filtering by combining customer supplied data with Neustar's IP GeoPoint data
  • Strict adherence to customer privacy guidelines and dedicated data pipeline that ensure Customer data remains secure

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