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IP GeoPoint

Industry leading IP geolocation, ownership and connection data helps you manage your customers to ensure compliance with content delivery and gov’t regulations, identify fraudulent transactions, and streamline the customer journey.

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IP Reputation

Assess the trustworthiness of IP addresses and identify human vs. non-human (bot/server) traffic to prevent malicious online activity.

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UltraThreat Feeds

Proprietary near real-time threat data to help identify and stop bad traffic, both inbound and outbound.

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What Are You Looking to Do?

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Deliver OTT Content and Streaming Media

Identify the location of an IP address to accurately and securely deliver streaming media to subscribers while enforcing content and licensing restrictions. Read More

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Prevent Fraud

Identify where an IP is located and how it is connecting to the internet so you can Identify your good customers in real time, while putting the brakes on access from risky or unknown IP addresses. Read More

icon for improve customer experience
Improve Customer Experience

Recognize returning customers and reduce the need for high friction identity verification or secondary authentication steps. Read More

icon for detect security threats
Identify and Mitigate Security Threats

Critical threat intelligence and risk data helps cyber security and threat intelligence teams assess potential threats to network infrastructure and corporate assets. Read More

icon for comply with restrictions
Restrict Access to Websites and Assets

Stay in compliance with regulatory and/or gaming and gambling mandates by "geo-fencing" to block access from IP addresses coming from specific high-risk or prohibited regions or countries. Read More

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Accurately and Securely Deliver Target Offers

Use IP GeoPoint data to Target and Deliver Offers Customized by Educational Institution or Type of Organization. Read More

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By understanding where a viewer is located, we receive invaluable insight that allows us to confidently deliver the right content to the right subscriber and provide the best baseball viewing experience possible.

Rob Del Greco, VP, App Infrastructure, MLBAM

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