Connect with customers efficiently, while mitigating fraud and compliance risk.

To win in today’s connected world, your organization must build trust with every consumer interaction.

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Block out fraudsters and let customers through faster

Increase Trust

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Improve contact center efficiency and effectiveness

Make Better Connections

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Mitigate compliance risk when connecting with customers

Lower Compliance Risk

Make Every Connection Count

How do I reduce manual review and false positive rates?

Separate legitimate interactions from potential fraud via unhackable insight into the interplay of consumers’ offline, online, device, and behavioral linkages.

How do I remove friction from the authentication experience?

Seamlessly identify and authenticate consumers automatically, without the need for onerous knowledge-based authentication questions or manual reviews.

How do I get more consumers to answer my calls, texts, and emails?

Understand who, when, and how to contact each consumer via proprietary communication insights. Ensure calls aren’t errantly blocked or spam-mislabeled.

How do I mitigate regulatory compliance risk?

Reduce TCPA and CFPB compliance risk while increasing operational efficiency via unique insights into consumer communication behavior and identity attributes.

Watch: How Identity Builds Trust

Great customer relationships start with trust. Learn how Neustar TRUSTID Solutions help companies efficiently and effectively connect with customers, while mitigating fraud and compliance risk.

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Reliably Separate Customers From Fraudsters

Reduce manual reviews and false positives while easing authentication for legitimate customers.


Get More Consumers to Answer My Calls, Texts, and Emails

Increase right-party-contact rates, enrich consumer engagement, and improve contact center efficiency.

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image depicting many audiences

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate compliance risk when connecting with consumers without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.


Reduction of digital fraud. Digital Identity Risk


Increase to right-party-contact (RPC) rates. Phone Behavior Intelligence


Reduction of average handle times. Inbound Authentication


Cost savings per agent-handled inbound call. Inbound Authentication


Increase to Net Promoter Scores (NPS). TRUSTID Fraud Solutions


Reduce outbound calls errantly flagged as spam. Caller Name Optimization


Neustar OneID

Industry-leading Identity Resolution

The Neustar OneID® platform delivers a complete, accurate, and persistent understanding of consumer identity. OneID uniquely links billions of online and offline datapoints to attributes for people, devices, and locations. Continuously corroborated, broken down, and rebuilt up to every 15 minutes using authoritative identity sources, OneID provides the highest degree of accuracy and scale of any identity resolution platform in the industry.


TRUSTID Intelligence

More Accurate and Efficient Consumer Connections

The Neustar TRUSTID Intelligence suite of solutions delivers the data and insights into consumer preferences and behavior needed to build trust. Increase the effectiveness of your existing fraud engines with unique discriminatory insights fueled by proven predictive power. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique communication behaviors and device attributes of your consumers to ensure every inbound and outbound communication is more efficient and effective.


TRUSTID Decisions

Smarter Decisions Powered by Deep Consumer Insights

The Neustar TRUSTID Decisions suite of solutions offer easy-to-implement decisioning engines fueled by deep behavioral insights — without requiring additional technical or analytical resources. Identify and authenticate callers and digital users for better customer experience. Increase right-party-contact rates by knowing the best time and channel by which to reach consumers.

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