Social Insights: CMO Edition


We’ve entered the golden age of marketing, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile, the precision of metrics, and the explosion of social media. We’re now able to prove the value of marketing. But with so many new channels and ways to engage, we at Neustar are curious: How are today’s marketing leaders are using social media? In short...

How do CMOs engage on Twitter?

Learning the answer means tapping into illuminating insights potentially crucial to marketing success. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Leadtail to research this question and now arm you with our findings.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • Who influences CMOs on social media, including the top 50 most-mentioned publications and people
  • Which sources of content are most shared among marketing executives
  • What mobile apps and desktop platforms CMOs rely on to drive sharing on social media

Insights like these are gold in the golden age of marketing.
Shine brighter. Get started. Download the report now.

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