Ownership Based Authentication: Free, Secure, Convenient

Contact Center Inbound Authentication

Call centers need a new authentication method. Ownership-based authentication is the natural choice. It's extremely resistant to fraud, improves operational efficiency, and surpasses customers' expectations. Customers' phones serve as a reliable authentication token because of several complementary trends:

  1. They're uniquely attached to their owners
  2. The phone number already acts as a unique, persistent identifier
  3. Phones are becoming a universal authentication token for digital life
  4. They're also gaining momentum in digitized brick-and-mortar transactions.

Ownership-based authentication used to be the standard method on the phone channel. The phone number (aka ANI) provided an inviolable authenticator. Then, the ANI's trustworthiness degraded with the connection of the global phone network to the internet (1998), and the arrival of open-source telecommunications switches (2003). TRUSTID telephone network forensics restores trust in the phone's ANI, and lays a path to using phones as authentication tokens for call centers again. Download this white paper to learn how this improves customer satisfaction and increases fraud-fighting ROI, while enhancing operational efficiency.

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