Knowledge Based Authentication Threatens Contact Centers

Executive Summary

Enterprise contact centers' most popular authentication strategy is outdated and broken. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) seeks to prove the identity of a caller through knowledge of personal information ("Account number, PIN, and mother's maiden name, please."). Over reliance on this method now represents a material risk to contact centers and their relationships with callers. KBA is costly and time-intensive - especially when seconds count for average handle time (AHT) - and is a huge frustration for the customer. Callers do not like the 'identity interrogation.' It's a waste of money for contact centers. Finally, criminals have no problem circumventing KBA and committing fraud.

Regulatory bodies are calling for more advanced authentication. Management wants "frictionless authentication." Customer satisfaction, security, profitability and brand reputation are at risk. Brands need to move in a new direction quickly. Download this paper to learn 10 reasons why KBA is unfit for modern contact centers, ranging from excess costs to poor customer experience to weak security. Find out more information on solutions that reduce operating costs, deliver exceptional customer care, and improve fraud fighting.

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