Call Center Authentication:Four Challenges in the Phone Channel

What is your call center doing to overcome them?

As if there weren't enough complexity in identifying and authenticating callers, four challenges threaten to introduce more chaos into the phone channel. Call spoofing tools abound. Call virtualization services, the greater threat, offer criminals legitimacy and anonymity. Meanwhile, callers change contact information regularly, without giving you notice, and then expect to be recognized immediately. Lastly, possible solutions have to provide complete coverage of the network. In all, these challenges undermine the use of phones and their numbers as a way of identifying and authenticating callers.

Two types of technologies promise to bring back trust to phone numbers. One approach inspects phones and calls within the carrier network. The other analyzes carrier-provided header data to estimate call legitimacy. This document compares the merits of each approach in addressing the four challenges to caller identification and authentication.

After reading this white paper, you'll understand:

  1. The four challenges to caller identification and authentication
  2. Best practices for mitigating each challenge
  3. A head-to-head comparison of the two types of technologies you can deploy against each challenge
  4. The inescapable challenge that undercuts one of your options

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