COVID-19 Online Traffic and Attack Data Report

During the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it probably felt like you were all alone, even online. In fact, you had a lot of company…and some of it was unwanted. The increasing dependence on the Internet, along with the surge of traffic, brought a jackpot to cybercriminals.

In our new report, we look at the change in DNS traffic patterns and the growth of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic – specifically from March – mid-May 2020.

View our new attack data report to learn:

  • How web traffic was affected by social changes, including school closures and video conferencing
  • Which weeks saw the greatest volume swings
  • How we quantified the dramatic growth in DDoS attacks
  • Why you may need to re-evaluate your online contingency plans
  • And much more...

Download this report to consider how you could better manage and safeguard your web assets in times of intense change and upheaval.

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