Contact Center Efficiency - The Trusted Caller Flow™ Solution

How Contact Centers Are Reducing Costs While Giving Better Service

Large-scale contact centers' overreliance on knowledge-based authentication (KBA) incurs three costly problems:

  1. Increases Average Handle Time - It extends agent average handle time by 30 to 90 seconds (for typical and high-risk calls, respectively). Longer calls cost more and drive up staffing needs to handle call volume.
  2. It degrades customer experience - Customers expect speedy service but must endure identity-interrogation before getting help.
  3. It gives a false sense of security - Due to the spate of data breaches, fraudsters can buy customers' personally identifiable information (PII) on the black market. As a result, account takeovers through the phone channel remain a persistent threat.

The solution is a change in business process: the authentication of trusted callers before they hear "Hello."

Doing so puts authenticated callers into a Trusted Caller Flow™ where service moves quickly to problem solving.

Treatment of the remaining group of unknown callers - a relatively small subset of all calls - would require fewer fraud-fighting resources.

This approach reduces operating costs, improves customer satisfaction, and focuses fraud-fighting efforts.

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