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Protect Your Over-the-Top Content in an Increasingly Mobile World


Our Webinar Shows You How Our GeoPoint and IP Intelligence Solutions Preserve Digital Rights Compliance

Digital is an inexorable part of our lives. Whether it’s your cell phone, laptop or wearable device, our demand for digital media is continuous and insatiable. There are strict guidelines and requirements in place that govern how, where and by whom specific kinds of digital media can be consumed. These guidelines may apply to movies, music, live broadcasts and many other types of electronic media. For years, Neustar has helped digital content providers manage and enforce geocompliance through advanced technology solutions such as Neustar GeoPoint and Neustar IP Intelligence. In this webinar, we review the best practices for digital rights compliance and how to protect your OTT content in a global and increasingly mobile consumer market.

Presenters include:

  • Aaron Goldberg - Contributing Editor, IDG SMS
  • John McArthur, Product Manager, Neustar
  • Jackie Wadhwa – Customer Success, Neustar
  • Rupert Young – Software Engineering, Neustar
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