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Prevent Online Fraud with Accurate IP Geolocation Video


Learn how Neustar IP Intelligence protects your online business. Discover how advanced technologies, proven methods and trusted expertise help fight fraud, ensure compliance, analyze traffic and more.



It pays to know where and how your customers connect to the web. Whether you’re customizing website content or fighting online fraud, this data can be golden.

But ONLY if it’s accurate and reliable. If it isn’t, web customers in Miami might see snow shoes instead of flip-flops...

Or a cyber crook in Russia could get away Scott-free.

Some companies claim to offer accurate intelligence based on IP addresses used to connect to the Internet. But there’s a BIG difference between pulling data from public sources and doing what Neustar does: continually verifying accuracy and adding valuable attributes to deliver IP intelligence that drives smart decisions.

So let’s cut to the chase: At Neustar, we offer the most accurate and reliable IP data, bar none. How do we do it? With a unique blend of technologies, verified methodologies and support.

First, we collect our own data, using proprietary technologies. Our database contains routable IP addresses worldwide.

You can see the user’s location down to postal code…

Plus get details on proxies, mobile gateways and whether users are connecting from a business or home.

Our team of network geographers validates it all…

Using methods vetted annually by a Big Four auditing firm.

And our Customer Success Managers are here to answer your questions and make sure you get the technical help you need.

Just what you’d expect from a stable, reputable partner…

And the only IP data provider with enterprise-level contracts and industry leading SLAs

See how our data has helped increase website responses by 70%.

Learn how it’s helped save millions by stopping online fraud. Discover all the ways we help promote and protect your business.

To learn why customers call our solution “vastly superior” to the competition, talk to us today.

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