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The Neustar ElementOne Analytics Platform is a powerful, web-based tool that delivers real-time consumer insights…

… to drive acquisition, increase retention and improve site location strategies.

ElementOne enables companies in Education, Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Automotive to answer the questions:

  • Who is my best customer?
  • What media work best to reach them?
  • How do I message most effectively?
  • What is the right offer to make?
  • Where do I find more of them?

All within one analytical tool.

The secret behind the ElementOne platform is it is pre-loaded with thousands of data attributes from various surveys, panels and other sources.

But the real power is the ability to easily upload your data into the platform, analyze it using ElementOne segmentation and map customer and prospect locations to drive better business decisions.

Because Neustar securely processes the files on our servers, it is fast and doesn’t take up your valuable computer processing resources.

Once files are uploaded into the platform, you can analyze the data through the lens of ElementOne segments.

In this example, we are looking at segments that are most likely to have acquired a Mid-Sized SUV as their most recent auto purchase. 

The segments are ordered from 1 to 41 in descending order of affluence. 

The bars represent a propensity index. The higher the bar, the more likely that the households in that segment most recently purchased a mid-sized SUV. 

In this case, the segments with the highest propensity for SUV purchase are moderate to lower income.

Now, we’ve rank ordered the segments from highest index to lowest index allowing you to quickly assess which types of households are the best targets for mid-size SUVs.

The top two segments are 40 and 30.  The data table at the top of the screen shows some high level demographic descriptions of these segments.

You’ll see that they are both very low income with young to middle-aged heads of households who own their own homes.

Segment 40, with an older head of house and very few children, are likely empty-nester households.

They live in small towns so they may gravitate to a midsize SUV because they need hauling space but don’t need space for the kids.

If we look at these two segments on a strategy grid, we can also get a sense for their relative size. 

The vertical axis on the strategy grid shows the propensity index…

… and the horizontal axis lets us see what percent of the mid-sized SUV buyers these two segments represent. 

In this case, Segment 40 is just under 2% of mid-size SUV buyers and Segment 30 is about 2.4%. 

But if you look at Segment 12, you see a segment that is both highly likely to purchase a mid-size SUV and is large, about 8% of all mid-size SUV buying households.

Marketers can see areas of untapped opportunity in the lower right hand quadrant of the strategy grid.

For example, Segment 9 represents about 5% of the mid-size SUV buyers but relative to the size of the segment in the US, they are actually underperforming.  A savvy marketer would ask themselves the question – why?

By using the Behavior Analyzer module, marketers can get significantly deeper insights into these segments. With over 12,000 behaviors linked to ElementOne’s segments, marketers can better determine the best way to position their product or service. 

In the SUV example, the ElementOne Lifestyle data uncovers why Segment 12 is more likely to own an SUV and Segment 9 is less likely.

Looking at the lifestyles that index highest for Segment 12, we see things like “Member of the PTA” and pet owners. Now we’re getting a picture of why these households may need an SUV for carpooling, children’s activities and taking their pets to the vet.


Now let’s look at the top lifestyles for Segment 9.  Here we start to see a very different picture emerge giving us a clearer view as to why they are under-performing in the SUV market. 

You will see that this segment is highly likely to be members of AARP and retired. So they are older heads of house who are likely not to have much use for an SUV. 

Additionally, these households are highly likely to be frequent recyclers. If they are frequent recyclers, they are likely to be environmentally conscious so, a less fuel efficient vehicle, such as an SUV, doesn’t fit their lifestyle either. 

Now, we have a clearer picture of why Segment 9 is under performing. More importantly, the information shows why to exclude them from consideration as a segment you might want to invest in.

Finally, we can locate where those valuable Segment 12 households are most likely to be found.  The power of the ElementOne platform is you can easily move from macro to micro when analyzing geographies. 

We can start with a map of the US broken up by media markets and see where Segment 12’s are highly concentrated. This information can help direct local media buying efforts.

By zooming into lower levels of geography, such as zip codes, local car dealerships get a sense for where the greatest demand is likely to come from within their dealership’s territory.  Any type of business with physical locations can use this local intelligence to build locations closest to where their most valuable customers reside.

The ElementOne Analytics Platform from Neustar delivers key insights at the moment you need them, maximizing your predictive power to:

  • Identify your most profitable customers and prospects with ultimate precision
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Harvest More Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities
  • Slash Follow-Up Marketing Costs
  • Identify Lucrative, High-Growth Areas

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