Cloud-based, Always Available Authoritative DNS for Faster, Safer and Accurate Query Resolution

In a connected world, as internet users expect seamless and secure online experiences, DNS has become more difficult and complex to manage than ever before. The emergence of IoT devices and online threats leave businesses struggling to find the correct DNS strategy for their IT needs. Having the experience and DNS know-it-all in-house is nearly impossible.

Neustar UltraDNS is an enterprise grade, cloud-based authoritative DNS service that securely delivers fast and accurate query responses to ensure users can navigate to vital online assets. Whether you’re looking for a Primary or Secondary DNS solution, Neustar UltraDNS offers customizable packages to fit any organization’s DNS needs.

Performance - our trusted authoritative network uses BGP and IP Anycast routing to quickly respond to over 55 billion global authoritative DNS queries per day. The UltraDNS nodes are co-located with Neustar’s recursive and top-level-domain (TLD) servers, providing near-zero latency responses amongst them.

Availability - ensure that your website and other assets are always available. Backed by our industry leading SLAs that include 100% resolution availability, change propagation, query latency and customer support, UltraDNS is delivered on a highly redundant 30 node platform distributed across six continents.

Security - our DNS network is engineered on a proprietary platform to help insure the integrity of your DNS data. Your DNS configuration is protected on UltraDNS by multi-factor authentication, SAML-based single sign on, access control lists, and Ultra advanced role base security. SHA2 TSIG protects zone transfers and DNSSEC using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) can ensure the integrity of all DNS responses.

DDoS Protection - built-in DNS DDoS protection that combines local mitigation with the Neustar DDoS mitigation network quickly defends against attacks towards the UltraDNS network and ensures that DNS resolution availability is not compromised.

DNS Shield™ - enhancing both performance and security, DNS Shield is a global network of private connections between UltraDNS and leading recursive resolvers that is independent of the public internet. These private connections minimize the security risks of DDoS attacks and DNS spoofing while allowing for lower latency and better reliability of query responses.

Fault-Tolerant Network

The Neustar DNS network is engineered and designed to deliver 100% availability for query resolution. By utilizing redundancy in all aspects of the service architecture, including multiple network service providers with independent delivery paths, UltraDNS is able to deliver the most highly-available, fault-tolerant managed DNS network in the marketplace today.

Trusted Experience

A managed DNS service is only as good as the people behind it. No provider has more experience with DNS management other than Neustar, the team with 20+ years of experience that is responsible for answering over 55 billion authoritative DNS queries every day. You can rely on multi-level expertise from our:

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor your traffic for irregularities
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks against your DNS
  • Customer Support Center to help you provision and optimize your DNS strategy

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