The Neustar Identity Management Platform

Providing actionable intelligence that drives better marketing decisions

Marketers today continue to face mounting challenges that threaten their performance, their budgets, and their ability to generate meaningful connections with their customers and prospects. Whether it’s the decline of the cookie, the rise in privacy regulation, or the fragmentation of the customer journey, the commonality behind these challenges is data. Getting enough data or the right data. Knowing how and when to use that data. And effectively and efficiently knowing the impact of how that data performed.

For B2C marketers, when we talk about data, we are talking about identity. The interconnectivity of all data from across the full consumer journey. This idyllic concept of a persistent, enriched, and complete view across all channels, devices, systems, and even business units is becoming a necessity, rather than a nice-to-have.

The Neustar Identity Management Platform (IDMP) enables your organization to connect, enrich, and control all available identity data from a single source of truth. An intelligent connection across first-, second-, and third-party data combining addressable media signal, with consumer attributes, and behaviors. This centralized repository of identity data empowers marketers to build smarter audiences, deliver more relevant experiences, and produce more meaningful measurement to continuously refine strategy, execution, and performance.

Harness the Power of Your Data

Neustar understands the importance of maintaining control and ownership over your data. The IDMP provides access to raw event-level identity data directly in your organization’s data science environment. This identity extract provides the flexibility to commingle household and individual identity with additional data sources to uncover deeper insights and discover new opportunities. This portable identity asset empowers your organization to build bespoke targeting and measurement models that are unique to your business and your business alone.

Create Your Competitive Advantage

  • Collect, centralize, and normalize all available signals within a single ID space to resolve to an actionable view of identity.
  • Build a responsible, privacy-friendly view of identity to power your marketing and advertising strategies and deliver trusted connections across all channels.
  • Measure everything at the identity level to ensure an accurate account of marketing performance to promote effective optimization.
  • Neustar provides raw event-level identity directly back to your organization to promote bespoke modeling and analysis for continual optimization.

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