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The Intelligent Alternative to Skip Trace for Effective Contact Resolution

Traditional skip trace data wastes time and dials. CRM data is notorious for major gaps in coverage — often lacking as many as 40% of phone numbers — and gets 5% – 15% worse every month.1 Credit bureaus emphasize quantity over quality and lack current insights for effectively reaching consumers. These poor data sources sap collections organizations’ profitability.

Further complicating efforts, most homes in the U.S. no longer have a landline phone. To mitigate the risk of TCPA violations, many high-volume calling companies are now dialing mobile phones manually, which is inefficient, costly, and not guaranteed to reach the intended contact. Anticipated regulatory limits on contacting consumers for the purpose of debt collection will make contact effectiveness even more critical.

With over 80% of outbound calls going unanswered or to the wrong party, and industry-wide right-party contact rates for skipped numbers hovering at 3%, how do you identify and prioritize the right numbers to call for greater operational efficiency and revenue-per-dial?

Improve Right-Party-Contact Rates with Smarter Consumer Data

Make the right connection the first time, at the right time, and your odds of revenue recovery increase significantly. Drive higher RPC rates and revenue-per-dial KPIs by leveraging the highest-quality contact data. Reduce the time and effort to reach the right party by knowing upfront the best number to use and the best time to call each individual consumer.

Neustar SmartTrace delivers critical consumer contact intelligence and predictive insights, enabling collections organizations to increase effectiveness by 33%, improving employee engagement while reducing compliance, financial, and reputational risks.

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1. Source

Want to...

  • Stop wasting money and cycles on junk data?
  • Receive only authoritative, high-quality phone numbers?
  • Understand the best time and day to dial each number provided?
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