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Simplify Broadband Ordering with Service Orchestration


Communications service providers (CSPs) are evolving their network infrastructure, systems and operations to software defined networking (SDN), enabling the launch of new, virtualized offerings. These offerings, such as SD-WAN, require agile, on-demand connectivity with assured service quality that is orchestrated across different domains, also known as Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO).

With LSO, carriers replace manual, swivel-chair heavy, ordering processes with automation that accelerates service activation when buying and selling access and broadband services.

Neustar Service Order Orchestration accelerates the quote-to-cash cycle by eliminating fragmented ordering processes. Our centralized hub expedites inter-provider ordering and provisioning and reduces processing errors.

Neustar Broadband Order Orchestration Manager orchestrates broadband service orders between carriers, multiple system operators (MSOs) and cloud service provider trading partners. The single interface provides a one-stop shop for service fulfilment of broadband access orders from multiple commercial and wholesale providers, including:

  • Site address qualification (serviceability)
  • Service quotation request/pricing
  • Service ordering, tracking, reporting and analytics

Increase Accuracy, Reduce Delays

Automation to qualify, quote, order and provision broadband services from multiple carriers and MSOs.

  • Supports industry and customer-defined business rules and request/ response validations
  • Intuitive GUI with full-featured order submit, query and retrieve
  • Automatic status notifications and updates

Simplify Buying and Ordering

Our single interconnection to multiple providers eliminates the need for custom interfaces to individual trading partners.

  • Bonded and non-bonded interfaces to more than 500 CSPs
  • Adheres to order management and LSO industry standards from ATIS/OBF, MEF and TM Forum
  • Leverages Neustar Access Service Request (ASR) cloud solution

Improve the Customer Experience

Neustar provides greater transparency into the process so that your customers are kept up to date of the progress of their order.

  • Search, track, and manage broadband serviceability queries, quotes, and orders
  • Near real-time order status reporting across multiple broadband providers
  • Automated order tracking and operational metrics reporting

Orchestration Use Case for SD-WAN

SD-WAN services from CSPs, cloud service providers and new managed service provider (MSP) entrants are driving demand for commercial broadband services. A primary use case occurs when the end customer for SD-WAN services has branch office locations that need to be serviced, but lie outside of the service provider’s footprint. In this case, broadband access from a local ISP or wholesale provider is often the best, most cost-effective connectivity solution to quickly on-board the service location.

To support this, the service provider needs the ability to:

  • Query serviceability of off-net service location(s) to determine available broadband access providers and services
  • Select a broadband provider with the required service offerings for the service locations
  • Order the broadband services and manage the provisioning/activation process

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