Reduce Robocalls and Restore Trust in the Phone

Phone scams, increasingly through illegal robocalls, target consumers by spoofing, or changing the caller ID to look like a neighbor, local business, trusted brand – or even a government entity. Subscribers have lost trust in this key communications channel, and don’t answer if they’re not sure who’s calling.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are being tasked with meeting regulatory requirements, empowering enterprises so they can get calls answered, and protecting consumers.

Stop Spoofing by Authenticating Callers with Certified Caller

Certified Caller is a complete STIR/SHAKEN solution that enables service providers to authenticate and verify the caller telephone identity. This added layer of trust gives subscribers confidence in knowing who’s calling so they can make a better decision about answering.

Certified Caller can be deployed in multiple environments to automate the end-to-end process of:

  • Generating a private/public key pair for signing
  • Requesting a STI token from a Policy Administrator (PA)
  • Requesting a STI certificate from a Certification Authority (CA)
  • Receiving and storing the signed public key certificate
  • Signing originating phone calls
  • Verifying signed phone calls at termination by using the retrieved signed public key certificate

Certified Caller is Part of Our Trusted Call Solution Suite

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Neustar is a pioneer in call authentication as a co-author of STIR standards, active contributor to the SHAKEN framework and the exclusive operator of the ATIS Robocalling Testbed, where real-world STIR/SHAKEN implementations are tested for interoperability with Neustar's reference implementation.

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