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Neustar Publisher Partnership Program

Providing the connection between advertiser data, their dollars, and your media.

As we look ahead to a world without cookies, we see a problem for publishers who currently rely on cookies to connect their inventory to an advertiser’s media budget. Without cookies publishers will begin to lose measurement fidelity of their media, and as the disconnect grows between brands and publisher’s media dollars will evaporate and CPMs will plummet. A recent Google study saw a decrease of 52% in average revenue for the top 500 publishers.

Neustar is building a new way forward for publishers in a cookieless world. Using our identity framework, our robust advertiser relationships, and our trusted measurement solutions – we will not only sustain but grow publisher revenue by ensuring your media is addressable, measurable, and targetable.

The Neustar Publisher Partner Program provides the connection between advertiser data, their dollars, and your media. Using Neustar Identity across your media provides a reliable and sustainable key that will unlock premium data-driven media dollars without the use of a cookie. We have built an ecosystem where your media will be measured fairly, your inventory will be more attractive, and your CPMs will grow.

Join the Neustar Publisher Program today to begin your seamless transition into a cookieless world. Only Neustar can provide the relationships, data, and measurement necessary to create a competitive advantage for your organization using the power of identity.

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  • Sustain Your Business: Neustar’s Identity provides a reliable replacement for the cookie connecting your media to advertiser data unlocking data-driven media dollars.
  • Deepen Your Relationships: Over 800 of the world’s leading brands rely on Neustar’s identity services and solutions to power their marketing.
  • Improve Your Measurement: Neustar ensures better measurability of your inventory through our Multi-touch Attribution giving you fair share of brand media dollars.
  • Increase Your CPMs: Neustar connects your media to advertiser audiences to increase relevancy and targetability to boost your CPMs.
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