The Neustar Identity DMP

Connect your Customer to Your Marketing

Neustar comprehensively ingests media events, audience behavior, and consumer engagement across the marketing ecosystem connecting the digital and physical worlds with our OneID system. By normalizing across first, second, and third party data, marketers can activate personalized experiences across all touchpoints. As a neutral platform, Neustar enables organizations to truly own their data providing an un-biased and truthful view of performance with a flexible data science environment to optimize audience segmentation, media spend, resource allocation, and attribution.

  • Single view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints
  • Increase operational efficiency with a single source of truth
  • Improve campaign performance with smarter segmentation and activation
  • Control over media and audience strategy with unfettered access to your data

The Power of Authoritative Identity

Neustar breaks down the walls between your marketing and customer data by connecting first, second, and third party data directly to your marketing. Fill in the gaps left behind by traditional data management platforms with authoritative identity to obtain a complete picture of the consumer. Know exactly how your marketing is affecting sales, conversions, and your bottom line with an always-on holistic view of media and audience performance.

Neustar approaches identity data differently with a framework of authoritative identity data sources including government, telecom, billing, utilities, financial—sources who make it their business to know exactly who you are and how to find you.

Consolidation, Normalization, and Activation

Neustar works across the offline and digital worlds to collect, consolidate, and normalize data for a true and neutral view of performance and measurement.

The Neustar IDMP provides a central intelligence for your marketing. A single source of truth across all partners, platforms, and systems providing control, consistency, and results across all channels.

The Neustar IDMP interfaces and integrates directly with the marketing ecosystem providing normalization across all events, triggers, and actions. Dedupe and consolidate metadata across partners, publishers, and platforms including DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Networks, Tag Management Systems, DMPs, and more!

  • Proprietary browser coverage network that provides always-on, scaled and constantly updated linkages
  • Network of partners that provide constantly updated device ID linkages covering mobile devices, addressable TV and emerging channels
  • Integration of offline identity into the digital ID space for real attribution and the knowledge of the consumer behind the marketing
  • Machine learned segments across individual and household audiences to improve your customer experiences through personalization and relevancy
  • Always fresh and relevant data, with 5B sync hits daily with 260+ partner integrations across the digital ecosystem including Google, Facebook, Amazon, DirectTV, Comcast, and Verizon

Flexible, Portable, and Addressable Intelligence

Neustar provides a flexible environment that combines your media and campaign events with your own first party data to help you effectively conduct your marketing. By eliminating data flow friction Neustar gives our clients the confidence to proactively refine audience segmentation, optimize media allocation, and increase campaign efficiency. The Neustar Data Science Development Kit (DSDK) gives organizations the opportunity and ability to build their own intellectual property. Develop strategies that produce intelligence where the technology behind that intelligence you truly own instead of off the shelf algorithms and one-size-fits all intelligence.

  • Planning and Resource Allocation - Get a holistic view and control of your marketing plan
  • Multi Touch Attribution - Know what drives your customers to convert
  • Closed Loop Measurement – Accurately evaluate the success of your campaigns
  • Audience Refinement and Customization - Adjust segmentation towards your best performers
  • Addressable Media Insights - View performance across channel, partner, & more
  • Machine Learning - Build better AI using people not profiles, cookies, or devices for true intelligence
  • Always fresh and relevant data, with 5B sync hits daily with 260+ partner integrations across the digital ecosystem including Google, Facebook, Amazon, DirectTV, Comcast, and Verizon

Trust, Transparency, and Neutrality

Neustar is a neutral and un-biased partner providing deep insights and strategic planning grounded in truth and cemented in reality. Neustar sits at the center between your marketing stack and your consumer and CRM data connecting the physical and digital worlds with a single view into media and audience performance.

Neustar does not sell media. This neutral position allows for broad integration across display, mobile, video, and paid social media. Neustar also does not own your data. You can work with your normalized event- level data using our suite of best-in-class reporting and analytics tools in the IDMP, or you can receive all your data in raw form to work with using your own inhouse applications. We offer you maximum flexibility, so you can uncover powerful and precise marketing insights in whatever way works best for you.

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