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Inbound Authentication

Block Out Fraudsters and Let Customers Through Faster

Authentication sets the tone for inbound callers’ experiences with a contact center. Interrogate trustworthy customers before providing service, and you risk upsetting them. Mistakenly authenticate callers who are not rightful account holders, and you risk fraud and jeopardize the correct customers’ lifetime value.

How do you provide the experience consumers expect without exposing yourself to sophisticated fraudsters?

Treat Each Inbound Caller by Their Trustworthiness

Reduce average handle time and IVR-to-agent transfers with ownership-based authentication.

For the 75 percent of callers using mobile phones and residential cable and landlines, Neustar Inbound Authentication confirms that the calling phone is engaged in a call with the call center through a real-time deterministic inspection of the call and calling device. Callers using common vectors of call center fraud are never authenticated. Callers that pass inspection experience significantly fewer KBA questions and can be trusted with higher-value options within an IVR.

For another 20 percent of calls, a live inspection of the calling device is not possible. Instead, Neustar Inbound Authentication leverages results from its history of inspecting billions of calls and additional data about calls, carriers, and network routing from its role as a licensed telephone carrier. The results allow for the stratification of caller treatment by trust level.

A small percentage of calls (three to five percent) may be sent for closer scrutiny, along with many of the signals that drove their probabilistic risk assessment scores. Call outcome results, shared via a client feedback community, continuously improve detection rates and reduce false-positive rates over time.

Identify callers, even unknown ones, before they hear “Hello.”

If you can’t recognize your caller by the number, you can’t authenticate her. Customers often call from a number other than the one in their CRM record. Neustar Inbound Authentication instantly identifies unknown callers using the Neustar OneID® system, allowing you to match the consumer to your CRM and fill in incomplete records. When appropriate, containing more calls within the IVR not only improves the efficiency of your operations, but also frees live agents to interact with high-value or high-need consumers.

Neustar Inbound Authentication reduces fraud risk, improves customer experience, speeds call resolution, and reduces IVR-to-agent transfers.

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