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Inbound Authentication

Identify and Authenticate Inbound Callers Before They Hear “Hello.”

Contact centers stand at the front lines of customer service. Caller authentication sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. Provide a seamless experience, and you may earn the caller’s loyalty. Subject callers to unnecessary identity interrogation, and you risk both their business and your reputation. How do you provide the seamless experience your consumers expect without leaving yourself exposed to sophisticated fraudsters?

On the one hand, you have to identify trusted callers quickly for fast service and maximum operational efficiency. On the other hand, you need to quickly flag high-risk calls to narrowly focus costly fraud-fighting resources.

It all comes down to identity, speed, and accuracy. The faster you can authenticate the person on the other end of the line — over thousands of inbound calls every day — the better you’ll be able to deliver the experience consumers expect, without compromising security or operational efficiency.

Neustar Inbound Authentication makes that possible. Identify unknown callers and confirm their identities, instantly. Route authenticated callers into a Trusted Caller Flow™ for quick problem solving, and give closer scrutiny to less-trusted callers only. Neustar Inbound Authentication eliminates the need for time-consuming and ineffective knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, improving customer satisfaction, increasing operational efficiency, and focusing your fraud-fighting efforts.

Improve IVR Containment and Reduce Average Handle Time by Eliminating KBA Questions

Until now, KBA has been the de facto method of identifying and authenticating callers. But KBA represents a tremendous risk to the efficiency and fraud exposure of your call center. Not only is KBA time-consuming and frustrating to consumers, but it can also easily be overcome by fraudsters with access to breached data and social engineering techniques. Additionally, spoofing, virtualization, and number reassignment allow fraudsters to bypass contact centers’ legacy defenses.

Neustar Inbound Authentication solves these problems. It improves your organization’s ability to efficiently manage high volumes of consumer interactions by identifying callers — even those calling from a number different than the one in your CRM — using the Neustar OneID® identity platform. In tandem, the solution authenticates callers using industry-leading TRUSTID® technology by determining that each calling device is unique, authentic, physical, and presents little-to-no risk of fraud. Consumers’ phones serve as reliable authentication tokens because they’re never far from their owners, and phone numbers act as unique, persistent identifiers

Neustar Inbound Authentication

Identify Callers

Many companies struggle to identify consumers quickly because, on average, over 60% of CRM records are out of date after only two years. Neustar Inbound Authentication fills in those gaps and enables call centers to make more-informed decisions via the Neustar OneID® identity platform, a compendium of consumer identifiers that is continuously corroborated, verified, and appended from over 200 authoritative sources.

Authenticate Callers

Modern callers expect speedy, convenient service across all touchpoints. Neustar Inbound Authentication automatically validates the legitimacy of the calling device pre-answer by using market-leading TRUSTID® technology. Treating callers’ phones as authentication tokens eliminates the threat of spoofed, manipulated, or virtualized calls.

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