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Target the Right Customers Using the Right Data

The more you know about your customers the more impactful your marketing can be. And in today’s connected world where consumers move rapidly across devices and touchpoints, having the wrong data will not only produce a bad experience, it can put you and your organization at risk. It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing with accurate and verified customer identity data.

Neustar’s Customer Identity File gives you access to the most accurate and complete name, address and phone data available. Over 150 million USPS Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) households - compiled, verified, and enhanced with 450+ fields of demographic, behavioral, financial, property, segmentation and geographic attributes. Whether you are sitting on mountains of customer data or looking to build your own repository from scratch, Neustar gives you the power of true consumer intelligence.

Safe, Secure and Verified Intelligence

Fill in gaps across your existing CRM records. Customize targeting and acquisition with granular location and behavioral insights. Keep your organization safe and secure with best-in-class privacy compliance and data encryption. Target the right customers using the right data without putting your business or your customers at risk.

Data Built with Your Business in Mind

Neustar’s Customer Identity File provides valuable targeting and verification data that other providers simply cannot deliver. Authoritative identity data verified by the USPS DPV® and corroborated against phone book, directory assistance, consumer transaction, and government data. Depending on your business initiatives and data management capabilities, we tailor and deliver the data to meet your needs.

  • Prospecting targeted audience segments
  • CRM creation or completion
  • Customer verification
  • Identity enrichment and resolution
  • Data Hygiene and management
  • Personalized messaging and offers
  • Risk, Fraud, and Compliance

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