Customer Identity Management

Proactive Records Under Management to Keep Your CRM Data Accurate and Complete

The pace of changes to consumer data is getting faster. Is your CRM keeping up? Do nothing, and, on average, 60% of your CRM data will be inaccurate in only two years.1 That decay undermines your organization’s ability to scale outreach, personalize, and enhance customer experiences.

Customer Identity Management provides a single, authoritative source of consumer identity through proactive record management, helping companies keep an accurate view of their customers’ identities across channels. The Neustar OneID® platform, updated continuously and corroborated over two million times daily from over 200 authoritative sources, automatically pushes changes in consumer records directly to your CRM, without the latency and errors resulting from continuous bulk uploads.

Elevate customer satisfaction and customer support efficiency—especially during busy periods, like open enrollment, tax season, or other high-touch seasons—by filling gaps in your customer records with updated names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Merge duplicate records into a single clean, accurate view of identity.

Neustar Customer Identity Management gives you a 360° view of your customers’ identities across channels and data silos. Ensure your records are complete, even as consumer data changes, with authoritative linkages across fractional identities. Build your business on a complete and accurate view of your customer.

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