Government Call Center Inbound Authentication

Tackling Robocalls Helps Carriers Connect with Customers

Despite the rise of other communication channels, phones are still the best way for government agencies to convey information quickly and securely. Current call center models rely on agent authentication, which wastes resources, frustrates callers, and increases fraud risk. There is a better way. Automated authentication methods can increase speed, security, and satisfaction of customer-employee interactions.

Agent authentication:

  • Customers often have to recall or look up answers to arbitrary knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions.
  • 60% of Customer Relation Management (CRM) databases are outdated after only two years, increasing probability of wrong answers.
  • Fraudsters can buy Personal Identification Information (PII) to spoof KBA answers.
  • 75% of business leaders think that reaching their company by phone is easy. Just 48% of customers agree.

Pre-Answer Inbound Authentication:

  • Occurs before the call is answered, saving operators and customers between 15 and 120 seconds per call.
  • Links the phone number to the correct citizen using authoritative data, regardless of gaps in CRM records.
  • Establishes that the call is trustworthy, decreasing risk for fraud.

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