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UltraRecursive FAQ

Who is Neustar?

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with responsible identity resolution. As a company built on a foundation of Privacy by Design, Neustar is depended upon by the world's largest corporations to enable trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Neustar's unique, accurate and real-time identity system, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions, empowers critical decisions across our clients' enterprise needs.

Why am I getting redirected to a Neustar Landing page?

If your network settings for DNS are pointing to Neustar's Public DNS and the domain being queried falls within a filter policy defined for that network you will be redirected to a Block, Warn or Nx Domain landing page. Although very rare, sometimes a domain may be miscategorized in which case you have the option to dispute the categorization through the landing page itself.

Tell me more about Neustar's Public DNS

Neustar's Public DNS is a free and global recursive DNS service with industry leading SLAs, offering multiple blocking levels ranging from no filtering to security threat, family and business protection. Our service can be used as an alternative to your current DNS provider with industry leading SLAs.

How do I start/stop using Neustar's Public DNS?

Neustar's Public DNS Instructions page provides instructions on how to change your DNS settings.

Does Neustar Public DNS support IPv6?


How does Neustar Public DNS protect me from malicious domains?

Neustar's Public DNS service uses a variety of high-quality threat intelligence sources to identify and blocks access to malicious domains when your system makes a query for such domains.

Do we support DoH (DNS over HTTPS)?

DNS Over HTTPS support, particularly how end user apps, OS or browsers would choose which DoH to use, is still very much in early development within the IETF and among software vendors. We are watching closely and very involved in the standards process but have no firm time at which we'll be supporting DoH in our Ultra Recursive product.

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