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Business Development

Neustar has a worldwide distribution channel, and we'll always bring you the latest cutting-edge products and services. Using our tools and templates, you can promote your business based on your Neustar affiliation. You can also participate in co-marketing and joint public relations opportunities.

Access to Neustar Products

Our partners stay informed about upcoming products and services — from beta testing all the way through to production.

Technical Support

24/7 customer support, web-based support and online self-help tools ensure you the non-stop attention you demand.


To become a Neustar registrar you must complete ICANN's 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

Become a .CN Registrar

.CN offers registrants the protection of a well-established brand name and can put Chinese customers at ease, giving them the security of dealing with businesses that have a substantial local and international presence. Finally, .CN enjoys widespread notoriety and recognition among the Chinese population, and is a simple and memorable domain name.

Become a .TW Registrar

With a .tw TLD, Taiwanese residents will have the comfort and security of dealing with local businesses in Taiwan, one of the most dynamic commercial centers in the world today — and businesses or organizations can gain entry easily with a .tw name.

For information on becoming a .CN or .TW registrar please contact registrarsignup@Neustar.biz

We also have partnerships with the top registrars in the industry. Providing best-in-class business development, technical support, and access to Neustar services and resources.


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