Professional Marketing Advisory Services

Combine the data you already have with Neustar’s authoritative identity framework to better understand customer engagement, channel attribution, media allocation, segmentation strategy, and marketing performance. Providing hands-on white-glove support to help our clients execute and exceed their business goals through granular measurement, machine learning, and data science.

Industry and Vertical Expertise

  • A dedicated Advisory Services Analyst will guide you along the path to success with cursory industry knowledge and strategy as it relates to your specific business needs and goals.
  • Providing unique points of view and deep insight into vertical trends to accelerate growth and opportunity.
  • Marry campaign measurement with industry analysis to fine tune media allocation, segmentation, and strategy.

Customer Segmentation and Modeling

  • To run a successful business, you have to understand your customers: who they are, where they are, what they need, and how they behave. Neustar identifies your most valuable customers, locating them online and offline, precision-targeting them, and measuring how your marketing reaches them.
  • Unlock the power of your existing behavioral or audience-based segmentation and put your plan into action to boost performance and mitigate loss.
  • Discover what’s important to your most valuable customers, what content resonates the most, and what motivates them to visit your website, mobile site, or app.

Strategic Measurement and Analysis

  • Examine all your media—TV, print, radio, and other non-digital media that can be difficult to track—to determine the Media Mix Modeling that drives the most conversions.
  • Go beyond last-click attribution—identify all of the digital artifacts that led up to a conversion, from digital display to search and social programs and site content. By giving credit to each one, Neustar’s Multi-Touch Attribution enables you to measure its specific impact.
  • Determine the true ROI of your digital marketing buy—even when the purchase happens offline. Let us help you close the loop and help you understand the precise ROI of your digital ad spend across all channels.

Security Advisory Services

Secure your networks and data with services that assess the vulnerability of your online systems, prescribe fixes for weaknesses and gauge performance so your digital presence is protected against cyber threats and provides customers uninterrupted experiences.

At Neustar, we have years of experience with cyber security. We use fully certified tools and processes to ensure that our clients’ networks and data are as secure as possible, and we couple that with a broad range of professional services to achieve the optimal IT strategy for your organizations needs. We offer security assessments and professional services to ensure that your systems and your data are as secure and reliable as possible.

Neustar Professional Services Security Assessments

Cyber Security Assessments

Meet compliance standards and sleep better at night by taking advantage of Neustar’s analysis tools. Our security engineers will perform a vulnerability assessment that identifies potential security holes in your network and applications, including patch levels, router configuration issues, and other potential problems.

Is there a weakness in your online systems? Could a hacker get into your web applications, mail server, and payroll or HR systems? Neustar also offers penetration testing, a more in-depth test that determines how deep your potential vulnerabilities may go. Our security engineers will assess and recommend ways to plug the holes. We also offer assessments for wireless networks, data systems, and social engineering (both physical and remote).

Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a detailed report outlining potential vulnerabilities such as security holes, patch levels, router configuration issues, and other potential problems within networks and applications. The report also includes proven and trusted recommendations and strategies to close any identified security gaps from our analysis. This report is limited to port scanning and intelligence gathering only.

Penetration Testing

We deliver a more in-depth test that identifies how deep the vulnerabilities may go and determines whether the vulnerabilities are viable and, if so, the level of threat they represent to your company's network. Also known as White and Black box penetration testing. Identifying the vulnerability is the first prevention mechanism before recommendations can be made on how to plug the holes. This assessment can also be performed on wireless networks, data, and social engineering (both physical and remote). Social engineering penetration testing covers aspects such as mail phishing, email malware and employee manipulation.

Web Performance Analysis & Optimization

Secure the complete satisfaction of your customers and optimize conversion rates of users visiting your website by identifying and troubleshooting performance bottlenecks before they become an issue. Neustar offers web performance analysis and optimization, scripting assistance, advanced alerting, and API development and integration—all to help you deliver a seamless, trouble-free customer experience.

Risk Mitigation Best Practices

Neustar engineers offer consulting on best practices to keep your network secure. After assessing your vulnerabilities, our engineers will propose processes that can keep your network secure, escalation paths for handling problems, methods of identifying and mitigating risks, security alerts and other things you can do to set up your infrastructure securely.

DNS Audit

Our UltraDNS® service includes a DNS Audit that is a careful check of a customer’s DNS configuration. We answer specific customer questions, address specific customer requests and provide consultation and technical consultation to customers about network connectivity and telecommunication hardware and software. A DNS Audit looks at a customer’s configuration, or a portion of it, and attempts to find issues which affect the customer (cost, data malfunctions and much more).

Product Guidance

The Neustar Professional Services Team specializes in offering world class services around deploying, sizing and configuring the Neustar suite of Security Products and solutions. Our goal is to enable our customers with the expertise to optimize their Neustar Products to best meet their business and security needs.

Meet our Security Professional Services Team

Communications Professional Services

Neustar Professional Services provides a team of subject matter experts to help you identify and address your operational challenges with expertise, guidance and support that lead to efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and increased margins. Whether working to improve staff productivity, accelerate order processing or improve data integrity through systems consolidation, our customer advisory staff brings decades of industry expertise working on virtually any platform. Get fast, proven results on your mission-critical operations without the burden of added headcount.

Applied Expertise through Data Audits

Better data leads to better decision-making. Our data auditing services pinpoint data issues and identify data discrepancies between various systems and processes, helping you reduce order fallout and increase order completion rates. Read Solution Sheet

Telephone Number Inventory Audit
Improve the integrity of your inventory to reduce assignment errors, capture lost revenue and increase the accuracy of reporting and utilization.

Network Circuit Inventory Audit
Validate circuit usage and identify billing discrepancies to lower ongoing costs for unused circuit inventory.

E911 Audit
Mitigate the risks of delayed emergency responses due to inaccurate or missing records.

End-user Address Audit
Speed processing time by minimizing manual intervention.

Order Status Audit
Identify order status discrepancies to prevent fallout and speed order completion time.

Merger Integration Services

Maximize the value of mergers and acquisitions with integration services by Neustar Professional Services team. Our proven methodology identifies and mitigates risk to your operations while ensuring your business-critical OSS/BSS systems and processes provide:

  • Effective network planning and optimization
  • Efficient service delivery
  • High-quality customer experience

Read More

NRUF Generation Services

Consolidation, mergers and acquisitions have added new complexity to preparing your semi-annual Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast (NRUF) Report. With NRUF Report Generation Services, the numbering experts from Neustar generate and deliver a fully populated NRUF report that is ready for your team to validate and submit. Your Number and Code Admins save valuable hours and remain focused on generating revenue from new customers. Read Solution Sheet

Business and Performance Analytics

Identify and address potential problem areas and gain insights into your operations, with analysis of your data, processes, workflows and people. We help your operations perform at maximum efficiency with a full range of services that includes data audits, migration planning, transaction performance, and user efficiency analysis to help you identify enhancements for measurable results. Read Solution Sheet

Built to Address Your Unique Needs

No matter your needs, Neustar Professional Services provides full lifecycle coverage. Our teams provide expert advice and assistance throughout the lifecycle of your operations, from assessment and design to deployment, support and training.

Staff Augmentation
Our flexible, project-based experts augment your staff with the technical telecom consulting resources and expertise you need without adding headcount. Read Solution Sheet

Test Support Services
Mitigate the risks of software deployments and upgrades with real-world testing and QA consulting that emulates your production environment, resulting in reliable testing with minimal disruption. Read Solution Sheet

Help your staff achieve the best performance results and ROI with professional training services. We ensure your teams use the full capabilities of the Neustar platform and applications.

Priority Assessment
Evaluate existing practices and processes to improve revenue recovery by identifying at-risk revenue streams. We help you set business priorities, prioritize problem resolution, create migration plans, and measure effectiveness.