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Ethernet and broadband access services can take weeks or months to install, with errors and delays often resulting from lack of visibility during the ordering process. Neustar solutions automate and streamline the buying and selling of wholesale access and transport services – connecting hundreds of wireless, wireline and cloud service providers. Access orders can be created and managed with ease, thanks to an automated workflow. It’s easier than ever before to keep buyers and sellers on the same page with enhanced status updates, analytics and reporting, and detailed insights into each step of the process.

Single Interconnection Streamlines Connectivity

Connecting over 900 bonded and non-bonded trading partners allows access buyers and sellers to connect seamlessly and eliminate fragmented ordering processes for faster quote to cash and a better customer experience.

Our Solutions

Universal Order Connect
Simplify the purchase of wholesale access and transport services with a solution that enables you to check availability and get and compare quotes and then provides an automated workflow for order creation, validation and submission - helping you deliver new connections faster.

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Universal Order Connect Marketplace
Streamline requests for wholesale access and transport services with a solution that automates quoting and availability, translates order requests to your preferred format, and simplifies order status communications - saving you time and money.

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Enhanced Order Visibility
Neustar streamlines the exchange of order status information from access sellers to access customers for improved communication and order transparency that increases efficiency and reduces delays.

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Trouble Administration
Reduce the time and shorten the chain of reporting and resolving trouble tickets with the originating carrier with a single interface to multiple providers to report on circuits, facilities and network elements.

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