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Maintain customer trust and improve ROI with continuously updated and enhanced CRM records, superior outbound dialing strategies, and the ability to identify inbound customers more quickly and effectively.

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Inbound Dialing Solutions

Customer data is constantly changing. Every year millions of Americans change their names, phone numbers, addresses, and carriers - and the latest changes may not be reflected in your database. In fact, on average, 60% of a CRM database is out-of-date in only two years. 

Neustar improves call center efficiency and effectiveness via real-time identity solutions that allow you to identify and authenticate inbound callers, even if they are using a different phone number from the one in your records. 

Eliminate time-consuming verification processes and route calls more effectively for superior service. Neustar verifies, corroborates, and appends identifiers in real-time from over 200 authoritative sources, including Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Quickly identify and quarantine callers at a high risk of fraud, while reducing friction and improving the experience for legitimate consumers.

  • AccountLink: Personalize interactions and improve operational efficiency by matching callers to your CRM database without requiring additional verification.
  • Customer Record Enhancement: Update your CRM with up to five additional phone numbers per record, including useful attributes, like phone type and in-service indicator.
  • Inbound Authentication: Instantly identify and authenticate inbound callers to reduce handle times, provide better customer experiences and mitigate fraud.

Outbound Dialing Solutions

Industry-wide right-party contact (RPC) rates hover at a dismal 3%. Outbound dialers often rely on compiled credit bureau and demographic information for their contact strategies. But these methods typically emphasize quantity over quality, with stale data, major gaps in coverage - often as high as 40% of phones - and lack of any true insight into phone behavior.

Neustar has the unique identity and device behavior insights needed to enable call centers to reach their consumers more efficiently and effectively, while reducing TCPA regulatory and brand reputation risks.

Close identity record gaps and prioritize optimal phone numbers for increased right-party contact rates. With continuously corroborated identity data from over 200 authoritative sources, including Mobile Network Operations (MNO), Neustar drives more effective outbound calling strategies.

  • Customer Record Enhancement: Update your CRM with up to five additional phone numbers per record, including useful attributes, like phone type, in-service indicator, and risk associated with TCPA regulations.
  • Phone Behavior Intelligence: Generate more revenue per dial by knowing who to contact, which number to use, and the best day and time to contact them.
  • Caller Name Optimization: Ensure your outbound dials are not improperly blocked or spam-mislabeled.
  • Contact Compliance Risk: Improve operational efficiency and mitigate the risk of TCPA violations by having changes in client records proactively pushed to your database.
  • Outbound Risk: Reduce fraud and consumer friction via real-time intelligence on whether a phone is at risk for SIM card swap, unauthorized reassignment, or call forwarding.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Patient Satisfaction

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