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Consolidate Data
Manage millions of fixed, mobile and VoIP telephone numbers in a single repository uniformly, accurately and efficiently to reduce errors and order delay.

Reduce Costs
Eliminate the hardware, maintenance and associated IT personnel costs of maintaining multiple systems while ensuring consistent and efficient processes.

Integrate with Porting and Pooling
Integrate with existing number porting solutions and the Pooling Administration System to streamline receiving or donating blocks of numbers.

Speed Regulatory Reporting
Generate the semi-annual regulatory forecast and utilization reports in minutes, not days, so staff can stay focused on projects.

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Automate Inventory Management

Consolidate data and then automate. See what a difference it makes.

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Product Resources

Manage Your Business, Not Multiple Systems

Neustar NumeriTrack ensures the right numbers are in the right places at the right time.


Learn How Your Company Can Benefit from the Power of Trusted Connections.

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