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Customer Analytics

Neustar Marketshare is a holistic marketing measurement, analytics and attribution solution that helps you derive real, actionable insights from an integrated view of your customers' journeys to truly understand the impact of all your marketing, no matter where and how it happens.

Analyze Better

Customer Experience

We offer an omnichannel view of your customers so you can activate audiences across multiple platforms, measure the impact of your marketing, and drive better planning based on real people, not just devices.

Plan Better

Customer Intelligence

With our unrivaled identity resolution capabilities, we provide a continuously updated, single enriched view of your customers to ensure you have a complete and accurate understanding of them no matter the channel, platform, or device, both online and off.

Understand Your Customer


Communicate with the right audiences at scale and across channels, leveraging over 16,000 attributes and audiences based on people, not devices.

Improve Ad Performance

Identity Solutions

All of the Neustar Marketing Solutions share the same foundation of identity and are integrated end-to-end. We help brands accurately identify their customers and prospects, create spectacular customer experiences and measure the impact of their marketing across all channels both online and offline.

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