A Change of State Starts With a Change of Mind

As marketers, analysts, and technologists, we have grown accustomed to having readily available, consumer-level insights. We leverage valuable intelligence to refine and optimize our tactics and strategies across channels and touchpoints.

But as we look ahead, there is growing fear and uncertainty around customer data: What insights we will have at our fingertips, and what impact will a post-cookie, privacy-first world will have on the future of marketing and advertising? With new regulations, significant disruptions across browsers and platforms, and a general expectation of transparency and ethics, the data-driven ecosystem is in the midst of a huge upheaval.

These changes bring an avalanche of questions and concerns over how we can continue to not only maintain, but grow our businesses. What steps do we need to take as individuals and as an industry to future-proof our strategies, actions, and business practices?

Efficient Marketing

Establishing a transparent fraud-free ecosystem.

Effective Marketing

Achieving holistic and accurate measurement.

Ethical Marketing

Creating trusted customer experiences.

Neustar has established the THREEE Marketing Council in response to these changes. Our goal is to facilitate an ongoing, collaborative discussion to drive action across the industry towards efficient, effective, and ethical marketing future. To address the confusion and complexities that surround marketing technology and to find a better way forward, we must all redefine the roles we play within this ecosystem. We share the desire to build a sustainable industry predicated on trust and innovation rather than obfuscation and status quo. As business leaders, consumers, and empathetic human beings, we have a responsibility to be the change we want to see.

That is why this council is hyper-focused on connecting all participants across the supply chain, including the brands and advertisers who stand right in the midst of this sea change and whose reputation and success is dependent on forging trusted relationships with consumers.

Council Members


A Call for Prudent Participation

We are asking for your participation in this collaborative council of agencies, advertisers, and technology executives to address the confusion and complexity resulting from changing marketing technology and consumer-level data availability.

Join to be informed and drive action against a better future of marketing and advertising.

Join to ensure you and your organization is on the right side of privacy and data-driven marketing.

The THREEE Marketing Council is dedicated to addressing these concerns and providing answers to these questions.

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