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Provide a positive citizen experience on par with the private sector.

Citizens will always compare their government experiences to those they have with private brands. In response, many Federal agencies are hiring citizen experience executives to adopt human-centered design techniques across their organizations. The opportunity is everywhere: from checking on an IRS refund, to finding out benefits from the Social Security Administration, to understanding more about the TSA PreCheck enrollment process. But across every agency and citizen need, the contact center remains the front line of service and citizen experience.

Neustar Operational Intelligence suite helps your agency to elevate the effectiveness of inbound and outbound citizen support operations while minimizing risk by ensuring you know exactly whom, when, and how to call, and whom is on the other end of inbound interactions. Neustar Fraud Intelligence suite gives a clear understanding of the citizen behind every transaction or interaction, helping agencies to identify fraud risks and increase citizen trust.

Solutions for Government and Municipalities

Citizen Experience

Reduce handle times and provide better citizen experiences by instantly identifying and authenticating every citizen calling in.

Improve Service

Optimize Dialing

Personalize interactions and improve right-party contact (RPC) rates by optimizing and de-risking outbound dialing solutions.

Identify Everyone

Connect More

Get through to more citizens, and achieve greater mission fulfillment, by mitigating call blocking and spam mislabeling.

Control Caller ID

Operational Intelligence

Elevate the effectiveness of outbound operations while minimizing risk by ensuring you know exactly who, when, and how to call.

Make Smarter Calls

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