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A Single Source of Truth for Your Enterprise

Without identity, disparate customer data sits in silos across your organization rendering it inaccessible and ineffective. Great identity means rebuilding your out-of-control CRM into a single truth set that orients all brand engagements toward a marketing North Star by consolidating, repairing, and streamlining data to deliver more relevant, transparent, and seamless experiences.

With identity, turn unruly and disparate CRM data into a single source of truth for your enterprise.

How Healthy is Your Data?

A data health screening is the best way to know which prospective customers you’re missing, and what your optimal identity match rate could be. This is particularly important for marketers, analysts, CMOs, CDOs, and CIOs who rely on accurate and up-to-date customer intelligence to drive their marketing initiatives.

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Connect With More Personalized, Omnichannel Experiences

Without identity, you can kiss your dreams of omnichannel, customer-centric marketing experiences goodbye. Great identity means your offline data links with media channel exposure, website engagement, and transaction-level data to reveal who your best customers are and what kind of messages they’re likely to be most receptive to, across all touchpoints.

With identity, turn many touchpoints into one cohesive conversation.

Is Your DMP Powered by Identity?

Controlling message exposure, optimizing media efficiency, balancing the customer journey—none of this is possible without a focused lens on the consumer across all channels. The Neustar Identity DMP provides that unified view from a single platform.

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Is your CDP Powered by Identity?

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) promise marketers and data experts an alternative to existing technology stacks, but often fall short. Empower your CDP with the component it’s missing – identity resolution – and get the most from your marketing technology investment.

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A Better Picture Leads to Better Marketing

Without identity, your measurement attribution is not aligned at the customer level, making it flawed. You can’t win with an inaccurate, partial view of your customer engagements—and can’t calculate reach and frequency. Great identity connects all the pieces, revealing a complete picture of your customer’s entire journey and showing every engagement across all channels and touchpoints. A true game changer!

With identity, get the full picture you need to accurately measure marketing effectiveness.

Are You Getting a Complete Customer View?

In a connected world, a customer's identity is defined by their omnichannel journey. In order to accurately measure the impact of your marketing and grow your business incrementally you need a complete picture across all channels, touchpoints, and signals. You can't measure what you don't see.

How Advanced Analytics Helps Marketers

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Do you know enough about identity to be an effective, customer-centric marketer?

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The Science of Identity

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Advanced Identity Solutions For People-Based Marketers
Learn what matters most to marketers and what is needed to drive marketing and business success with a new approach to identity resolution.
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Better Identity Resolution Starts Here
For marketers and data scientists seeking greater visibility into the omnichannel customer journey, learn how Neustar's federated approach leads to better results.
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The Problem With Identity Biases
Find out how identity graph biases hinder data science efforts to achieve more reliable attribution and calculate media and marketing incrementality more precisely.
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The Changing Identity Landscape
Get insights into how entity and identity resolution is evolving and adapting to the changing datasphere by embracing a more holistic approach.
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Client Stories

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Advanced Analytics
SAS Obtained smarter media through greater measurement while reducing risk.
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Identity DMP
Allstate combines identity resolution and data management for a single persistent and intelligent view of their marketing.
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Customer Intelligence
Neustar allows a global entertainment enterprise to effectively identify, target, and measure the impact of their marketing.
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Identity Management
Home goods retailer reduced direct mail costs while increasing accurate customer identification through identity resolution.
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Real-time Personalization
A major telecommunications retailer is now able to deliver targeted experiences with the right offer when it matters most.
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Customer Intelligence
A D2C healthcare brand combines actionable customer intelligence with unified analytics to grow their business.
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Audience Intelligence
A global CPG brand uses hyper-local intelligence to build a winning competitive strategy to win more business.
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