Product Features & Benefits

Reach the Entire World Through a Single Interface
PathFinder data covers over 250 countries and territories and 8.6B numbers worldwide (of which 4.6B are eligible for portability).

Data Updated Daily
Because numbers are ported so frequently, Neustar ensures that our customers get the most current information by updating daily data from over 100 authoritative sources.

Fast & Simple Implementation
PathFinder is a cloud-based solution, running on a Carrier-grade resilient infrastructure that is deployed at four geographically dispersed sites.

Supports a Wide Variety of Use Cases
PathFinder supports the routing needs for social media, messaging aggregators and mobile operators.

Neutral Provider
Neustar has been entrusted by the GSMA to operate PathFinder for over 10 years. We do not compete with our customers.

Trusted Business Partner
PathFinder is backed by an industry-leading SLA and is run by a team of domain experts who are available 24/7 to address customer issues.



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