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Enhance your business's reputation and improve your bottom line by protecting your customers from fraudulent activities while reducing friction.

Fraud Data Attributes

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High-profile data breaches have only accelerated identity fraud. Organizations are stuck between a rock and a hard place-wanting to meet consumer expectations and thwart the competition, while recognizing the financial and reputational risks associated with fraudulent account opening and account takeover.

How do you protect your business and prevent fraud, while still providing the frictionless experience your consumers demand?

Neustar fraud solutions provide the "unstealable" consumer insights needed to know with certainty who is at the end of every interaction, creating trusted and frictionless consumer interactions. Leveraging an unprecedented authoritative network of offline, digital, browsing footprint, and device identity data, Neustar allows you to authenticate and let legitimate customers through faster, while flagging risky transactions for additional verification.

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Digital Fraud Intelligence Solutions

  • Digital Identity Risk:
    Flag possible fraud by understanding the likelihood of the consumer's digital identity matching their offline identity.

Account Takeover Fraud Intelligence Solutions

  • Inbound Authentication:
    Instantly identify and authenticate inbound callers to reduce handle times, provide better customer experiences and mitigate fraud.
  • Outbound Risk:
    Reduce fraud and consumer friction via real-time intelligence on whether a phone is at risk for SIM card swap, unauthorized reassignment, or call forwarding.

Product Resource

Mitigate Fraud and Consumer Friction with Integrated IDV

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Neustar.

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A Better Way to Stop Fraud and Deliver Seamless Customer Interactions

Learn how a multilayered approach can help businesses let legitimate customers through without hassle and friction, and shut criminals out.

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Fight Back Against Account Takeover Fraud

Watch this video to gain insight into how account takeover fraud occurs, and how "unstealable" device data from Neustar can help prevent it.

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