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Fabrick ID
The Future of Media

Powering Innovation in Addressable Advertising

Neustar has developed the Fabrick ID, an identity-based solution for Neustar Fabrick partners that provides a secure and future-proofed connection between advertiser audiences and publisher inventory.

The Fabrick ID ensures the sustainability of addressable media buying and selling without relying on cookies or device IDs allowing publishers and supply-side platforms (SSPs) to:

  • Replace proprietary customer and subscriber IDs with a secure and pseudonymized Fabrick ID in real-time
  • Increase sustainability and addressability of digital media planning, targeting, and measurement
  • Improve media performance and increase CPMs with better and deeper advertiser connections at scale
  • Enrich first-party data with high-quality demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geolocation-based information
Fabrick ID flow

“The Fabrick ID is the only solution in market that can link phone number and email to incomplete publisher audience data, making it truly an identity-based currency. And it’s entirely compatible with any deal ID used in the media buying and bidding process.”

Steve Silvers, SVP Product and GM Customer Experience, Neustar