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Problem: DDoS Attacks Are Growing, But Your Resources Are Not

Admit it: DDoS attacks are a nuisance, something you wish would just go away. You have better things to deal with, not to mention finite resources. But if an attack takes you offline for a day, the nuisance becomes a menace. And if it’s really a smokescreen for other threats – theft of customer data, intellectual property or funds – you need to be prepared. Until now, there were two options – hardware or cloud.

Option one: On-premise hardware is always on and lets you respond immediately. However, you have to dedicate resources to manage the box and these appliances are typically geared to stop smaller DDoS attacks. In an age where 100Gbps attacks no longer raise eyebrows, it doesn’t take long for your local protection to reach its breaking point.

Option two: Solutions from cloud providers, like Neustar, offer greater bandwidth, diversity in hardware to mitigate all types of attacks and the 24/7 expertise of trained DDoS fighters. These services are provided on demand.

Either can be a strong option, depending on your needs, though managing the hardware or detecting the attack falls on you: one more thing for your hard-pressed staff and budget to absorb.

Solution: Fully Managed Hybrid DDoS Protection

On-premise DDoS hardware plus Neustar’s expertise and cloud-based mitigation:

  • Reduce Downtime – On-premise hardware acts immediately and automatically to mitigate attacks. Managed cloud failover minimizes the risk of larger attacks crippling your site or applications.
  • Protect Against All Attacks – Some solutions only mitigate certain types of attacks. Blending equipment from Arbor Networks and other top providers, SiteProtect NGTM hybrid defends against attacks across your entire web infrastructure.
  • Stay Focused On Core Objectives – DDoS attacks are designed to throw your business off track, including valuable IT resources. With our managed solution, we take care of attacks so you can take care of business.
  • Leverage Deep Expertise – The experts at the Neustar Security Operations Centers average 10 years of experience in DDoS mitigation.
  • Rely On A Single Point Of Contact – Our managed service simplifies your DDoS responses. Count on Neustar before, during and after DDoS attacks for downstream and upstream protection, plus peace of mind.
  • Gain A Best-in-Breed Solution – Industry-leading Arbor equipment plus Neustar cloud service equal the strongest mitigation solution you can get.

Best-of-Both-Worlds: On-Premise Box + Cloud, All Fully Managed

To both mitigate instantly and escalate as needed, security experts recommend a hybrid approach, combining the best of on-premise hardware and cloud-based solutions. Neustar SiteProtect NG hybrid is exactly that and more. The service features the best-in-breed Arbor Pravail DDoS mitigation appliance, which combats attacks locally, without a moment’s delay. When attacks exceed local capacity, Neustar fails over your traffic to the SiteProtect NG cloud and manages the response until the danger passes. Best of all, it is a fully managed service, including remote management of your Arbor box. Neustar monitors, detects and responds to DDoS attacks for you, so you can commit resources to higher priorities.


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