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Improve the bottom line by connecting with customers efficiently and effectively.

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Right-party contact (RPC) rates are often a function of the accuracy of compiled credit bureau and demographic information. RPC rates remain sub-optimal because these sources aren’t in the business of maintaining up-to-date consumer data and lack true insight into consumer phone behavior.

Neustar has the unique identity and device behavior insights needed to enable outbound communicators to reach their consumers more efficiently and effectively, while reducing regulatory and brand reputation risks.

Close identity record gaps and prioritize optimal phone numbers and emails for increased right-party contact rates. With continuously corroborated identity data from over 200 authoritative sources, including Mobile Network Operations (MNO), Neustar drives more effective outbound communication strategies.

  • Phone Behavior Intelligence: Increase right-party contact rates 33 percent by knowing who to contact, which number to use, and the best day and time to contact them. Ensure contact records are complete and accurate.
  • Caller Name Optimization: Ensure outbound dials are not improperly blocked or mislabeled as spam calls.
  • Contact Compliance Risk: Manage non-compliance risk while quickly identifying and prioritizing the right telephone numbers for a given consumer.
  • SmartDial: Dial each consumer at the times of day and days of week they are most likely to answer, without needing analysis or IT resources for integration
  • SmartTrace: Improve right-party-contact rates by leveraging higher-quality data as an alternative to skip trace data.
  • Inbound Authentication: Reduce knowledge-based authentication up to 80 percent and increase IVR containment 10 percent by identifying and authenticating inbound callers before they hear “Hello.”
  • Phone Takeover Risk: Mitigate account takeover fraud associated with one-time passcodes and calls via real-time intelligence on whether a phone is at risk for SIM card swap, unauthorized reassignment, or call forwarding.
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Get Consumers to Pick Up on the First Dial with Neustar Outbound Communications Solutions

Learn how Neustar can improve your contact center’s bottom line by helping to connect with your customers effectively and efficiently.

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call center employee


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