Better predictive value. Less compliance risk.

More accurately segment and target customers based on estimated assets, investment style, spending capacity, credit, risk – not on demographics.

Customers want us to see them, understand them and connect with them. Marketers must motivate the right audiences to act while providing an exceptional customer experience, which is easier said than done in Financial Services. Compliance risk makes personalization efforts more complex and segmentation models built on protected class variables are problematic.

That’s why Equifax and Neustar have come together to build Financial Spectrum™, a powerful way to segment customers based on estimated measures of consumer financial capacity, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics - thus reducing possible compliance risk.

Segmentation challenges for today’s financial services marketers.

Customers have specific financial preferences that can be difficult to discern or discover

Marketers have strong demographic-based insights, but have concerns about compliance risk

Increasing privacy concerns raise the compliance risk associated with personalized offers


Difficulties forming a complete view of persistent customer behavior, including financial preferences

Challenges with segmentation resulting in poor campaign performance or measurement

Asset-based segmentation can help you better connect with your customers.

Using multi-dimensional financial and economic insights, we have identified the persistent characteristics that help you to better serve your customers, your business, and which are most predictive for financial services marketing.

Leveraging proprietary IXITM Network direct-measured™ asset data, Neustar built a segmentation schema across all US households that is stable over time, and links to syndicated data sources – providing a better understanding of the likely financial profile of U.S. consumers, such as financial affluence level, asset allocation, investment style, channel preference, media usage, and other lifestyle preferences.

The segmentation criteria used in Financial Spectrum™ focus on statistical separation, simplicity, stability and actionability. Using proven, agglomerative clustering and non-protected class data, we created a non-FCRA financial segmentation schema of fifty-eight (58) clusters that maintains financial and demographic similarity, including: estimated financial capacity, investment style, psychographic details and other behavioral characteristics.

Benefits of Financial Spectrum™:

  • Increase campaign engagement and improve performance with better segment separation and enhanced views into behavior, such as channel preference
  • Improve audience targeting efforts, leading to higher conversion rates and activation
  • Understand the persistent characteristics that are predictive of financial behaviors, especially the financial behaviors relevant to your specific marketing efforts and improving offer optimization efforts
  • Enable better planning and market sizing, as well as subsequent measurement and attribution by customer segment
  • Utilize accurate segmentation without relying on protected demographic identity elements, reducing your privacy and compliance risk
  • Give your Risk and Compliance teams more confidence in your data and marketing efforts

Commitment to Privacy

We are committed to the responsible use of personal information to help businesses make better decisions and deliver personalized content without sacrificing individual privacy.


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