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Whatever your data, we can make it better. We ensure your information about your customers remains accurate even as customer data changes over time, and help you understand your customer base even where you don't have a direct relationship with them.

Customer Identity Management

Rely on identity data you can trust. Clean, repair, and enrich your customer records with always-on identity management.

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Customer Identity File

Get access to the most accurate and holistic name, address and phone data available.

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Customer Scoring and Segmentation

Know who your best customers are, which channels to reach them on, and when they are most likely to convert.

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Lead Intelligence

Get high-quality leads by verifying and scoring prospect information in real-time, shortening sales cycles and confidently delivering relevant offers to prospects.

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Asset-Based Customer Segmentation for Financial Services

Better predictive value and less Compliance risk, exclusively for IXI Network members

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Neustar Identity for CDP

Empower your CDP with the component it’s missing – identity resolution – and get the most from your marketing technology investment.

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Unified Identity

A consistent view of identity both offline and online. Reduce data leakage and improve data quality across your silos and platforms with a single identity graph.

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ROI Tool

This Investment Could Save You Millions. Find Out How Much.

The power of improving your marketing effectiveness can't be overstated. But it can be quantified. Get your customized estimate of the economic impact of investing in Neustar Unified Analytics.

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Get the Most from Your First Party Data

By combining geospatial, mobile location, and behavioral intelligence, Coca-Cola has built a powerful tool to not only inform and delight their clients, but deliver compelling hyper-local consumer experiences along their physical journey.

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Forrester and Neustar Discuss the Importance of Identity Management

Guest speaker Joe Stanhope, Forrester, and Ryan Engle, Neustar discuss the importance of a having a sound identity management strategy in place today to achieve crucial competitive advantages tomorrow.

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Product Resources

Assess the Health of Your Customer Identity Data

You need accurate customer data to deliver a meaningful customer experience.

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Looking to Get More Out of Your Customer Data?

With 37% of people changing their name, address or telephone number in a given year it is clear that customer data is fleeting. To ensure that the intelligence you use today is as good, if not better than tomorrow, you need a system in place to accurately manage and actively repair consumer records. Here are a few questions to ask your self to ensure that you are prepared.

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