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Measure Linear TV Impressions Across the Entire Customer Journey

TV advertising is evolving. From linear viewers to over-the-top streamers, cord-cutters to cord-nevers, and everyone in between, content is consumed in more ways and on more platforms than ever before. But with more available TV inventory comes more disparate data sources, and with more addressability comes higher CPMs.

So how can marketers understand the total impact of their TV advertising and ensure they are getting the most return on their buys?

Neustar’s Unified Measurement Solution now empowers marketers to granularly measure TV impressions at a household level and quantify the true impact of TV advertising across the entire customer journey. Neustar’s Unified Measurement Solution offers brands a complete and holistic view of their omnichannel marketing, treating TV impressions as just another addressable channel within their media mix.

In addition to strategically measuring the brand and sales impact of TV for annual and quarterly planning decisions, marketers can measure TV buys with the addressability of online marketing to make granular investment decisions across network, daypart, program, creative and campaign, and make near real-time omni-channel optimizations.

Gain Greater TV Intelligence

  • TV budget recommendations across Campaign/Creative, Network, Program and Daypart
  • Estimated KPI performance for planned TV buys, including ROI
  • Campaign and Creative ROI
  • Network, Daypart, and Program ROI
  • Campaign creative efficacy
  • Reach & Frequency
  • Household Exposures
  • Media Overlap

Neustar TV Solution Differentiators

  • Connect holistic identity to household-level TV exposure data along consumer journeys: Linear, Addressable, and OTT.
  • Measure and optimize the short- and long-term impacts of your marketing across all channels, including TV at its most granular level.
  • Activate TV intelligence through our Identity DMP. Identify, build and activate predictive audiences based on granular journey-based behavior.

Understand the Impact of TV Across Your Media Mix

diagram showing impact of tv across media mix

Neustar connects granular TV exposure data to people-based marketing intelligence solutions with Neustar’s authoritative identity
diagram depicting neustar's authoritative data

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