Neustar launches Optimizer, a new closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insights platform. Neustar Optimizer enables marketers to view their Unified Analytics results and improve marketing and brand performance by measuring all consumer activity. Marketers can use Neustar Optimizer to make critical, real-time optimizations to marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments.

With Optimizer, brands can:

Optimize Marketing ROI Across All Media Channels

Gain line of sight into the performance of each marketing channel – TV, print, paid social, paid search, out of home, etc. – against the KPIs you have selected for your business. Using these insights, you can optimize your investments to ensure your marketing investment delivers the greatest impact to your bottom line. Our clients see a 30% increase in incremental sales based on the recommended improvements they make to their marketing plans.

Neustar Optimizer screenshot
Neustar Optimizer screenshot

Identify the Baseline Factors Impacting Your Business

Understand which market factors such as seasonality or competition had the greatest impact on sales growth or decline, and how that compares to years prior.

Transform Media Channel Performance

Identify which touchpoints drove the most impact for your business. Using Optimizer, you can identify conversion by channel, campaign, creative, publisher, platform, or even down to the placement level if needed. This enables you to identify the best-performing tactics and optimize for the greatest impact.

Neustar Optimizer screenshot
Neustar Optimizer screenshot

Target Your Best Performing Audiences

Identify the customer segments that are most incremental to your brand across media channels.

Optimize Audience Reach and Frequency

Understand the cadence at which you engage with your customers across channels, and manage saturation levels to avoid repetitive messaging or wear-out.

Neustar Optimizer screenshot
Neustar Optimizer screenshot

Test Marketing Scenarios with Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics to optimize your marketing investment across any level of granularity required (Campaign, Placement, Creative), and adjust plans on the fly.

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